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The Marketing Advantages of QR Codes

QR codes are everywhere, and we mean everywhere (they are even onĀ  ketchup bottle labels when you go out to a restaurant and they are featured in… 73 more words

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Protecting Creative Assets With Barcodes

A UK non-profit organization called ‘Creative Barcodes’ is making the process of establishing protection for creative assets a lot easier using barcodes to ‘sign’ materials. Read more here here!

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Barcodes in art

Most of us never really think of barcodes besides anything but a bunch of black bars that contain information. Have you ever considered that barcodes could be implemented into the imaginative and creative world of art? 44 more words

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Scan me if you can - the barcode as a fashion

Scan me if you can – The barcode as a fashion

Some think that by forgetting to remove the barcode on their T-shirt, they will be ashamed. 40 more words

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