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Bardic - Sword from the Stone

Another song by Dorcas Whitecap, this was specifically written for a competition at a metalworking event. As she was writing it, she spent time loitering around forges, learning and listening. 173 more words

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Bardic - Liegeman's Lament

One of my favorite songs is Runnymedewritten by Rudyard Kipling, and set to music by Elin Redlock, this song is uplifting, and imagines the aftermath of the showdown between… 462 more words

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A Steampunk Manifesto

Something cheering today, I thought! I first heard this piece in Lincoln last summer, and it was a wild blast of a performance full of mirth and enthusiasm. 119 more words


What are stories for?

Stories have many different impacts on our lives, but for the purposes of this blog post, there are two aspects I particularly want to consider. Stories have the potential to show us ourselves and the kinds of problems, challenges and potential we have. 657 more words


Bardic - Compact Between Horse & Man

One of my best friends wrote this song, and it garnered her wins in a number of song writing competitions. I just like it because it sings easily, and references history. 91 more words

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Making room for inspiration

I only write fiction and poetry when I feel inspired to do so. I’ve got a small trick for the blog which is to note down subjects when I’m inspired and then do the writing first thing of a morning. 554 more words


Magic, fast food and an excerpt

This is the opening from Fast food at the Centre of the World – it’s a speculative novel, with a fair amount of silliness and seriousness tangled up in each other. 1,119 more words