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Raised upon these hills

This is a song I wrote this year, very much inspired by the landscape I grew up in, and reflecting on my relationship with it. My Druidry is very much rooted in my land – the edge of the Cotswolds and the Severn vale, some of which you can see in this video. 105 more words


Winter Nights

Those suuuuummmerrr….NIGHTSSSSSSSS *singing to the tune of Grease*

Hello friends and welcome to another edition of Solveig needs to stop traveling and competing so much. I am your host, very sleep deprived and messy housed Solveig. 987 more words


Winter Nights: Reflections and Thanks

Last Saturday, I got to participate in the SCA in a way that I had never done before: running a full-day event. As Concordia’s Baronial Bard, I had the privilege of serving as event steward (or, as some say, “autocrat”) for the Winter Nights competition. 1,532 more words


Harper's Retreat, Take 2

This is the year. I’m totally going to do it.

That’s what I kept telling myself, anyway. I actually spent time learning my music. In fact, I had memorized my music, unlike last year. 1,805 more words


Tales of the Traveller: Earl Tam and the Mermaid of Battlemoor

Editor’s Note: This tale is based mostly off of a true event. The story has of course been embellished, but the idea is the same. Hopefully one day this will be in a book of tales I plan to publish. 955 more words

Society For Creative Anachronism

Advice for heroines - fictionish

Advice for heroines

There comes a point, usually rather late in the story, where saving the man from the patriarchy may look like a job with your name on it. 371 more words


Incomplete Untitled Lore

Another day and come and gone. The redheaded women had walked the outer walls of the monastery she kept. Fulling more power into the stones that held the etched runes that resulted in the walls of fire that surrounded the once vibrate monastery. 340 more words

Foam Fighting