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Caravan Cravings

Welcome to my Caravan! Yes, it’s tiny. Yes, it’s old fashioned. Yes, it’s perfect! This is my sanctuary – well, OUR sanctuary really. This is where I can shed my well cared for and perfected persona of a highly respected intellectual and transform into my secret, inner self. 570 more words

sc 416 Death Race 2016

Toppie makes a desperate, naked dash through his apartment in plain view of unwitting neighbors. Sassy begins a large-scale project for the chickens! Then, plenty of… 131 more words

Toppie Smellie

Bare Ass Naked

Running throughout

the street,

ass bare naked.. 42 more words

BARE ASS: Bionic Penis Edition

I would love to see a Hollywood movie about Mohammed Abad.  His story is one of giving a little, taking a little, and letting his poor heart break a little. 202 more words