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Bare Ass Naked

Running throughout

the street,

ass bare naked.. 42 more words

BARE ASS: Bionic Penis Edition

I would love to see a Hollywood movie about Mohammed Abad.  His story is one of giving a little, taking a little, and letting his poor heart break a little. 202 more words


Being the "butt" of a joke

So my toddler is a pretty normal toddler. She likes to laugh, she likes attention and she picks up on things fairly quickly.

The other weekend I took my girls up to Target for a quick shopping errand, just to get out of the mid-afternoon sun, which at the time was only 90 degrees. 265 more words

MIA (Modesty Is Absent)

What are they talking about? : SEXY GAY PICS

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. Mainly because there’s a lot of mystery surrounding it.

WHAT do you think these two guys are talking about? 250 more words

Gay Pics

Selections from Bikers' Mardi Gras

Selections from Bikers’ Mardi Gras artists’ book by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.


Grape stem

Plucked some particularly crunchy-skinned purple grapes off this little guy earlier today. He may be naked, but he’s still got charm.

Original Art

Gets a Little Cold on the Foot Pads

This is Sansa taking some baby steps outside. The three cats most accustomed to going outside are still a bit frustrated by the appearance of January weather in mid-November. 247 more words