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More Wedding Tales from Emma Barry, Cat Sebastian, and @ThatTallFriend!

When I wrote about my (long-ago) wedding on Twitter, a dozen of my friends chimed in with their own stories of ceremonies gone wonky and wonderful. 928 more words

Random Awkwardness

I’M AN AMAZON! (Oh, wait. Sorry. That should read: “I’m ON Amazon!")

Though a substantial, geeky part of me wishes I were joining a tribe of female warriors with bare right breasts, I’m writing to announce something else instead: 519 more words

Broken Resolutions

Rihanna shows Off her Boobs in a transparent white T-shirt

The Umbrella crooner was seen leaving her hotel in Stockholm, Sweden this afternoon spotting a transparent white T-shirt without a bra, black and white jersey Shorts ,a black face cap and black heels and as you can see from the picture her nipples are too visible…..is this a new Riri Trend 1st it was the Ice grey Hair, Now the No bra transparent shirt trend! Hmmn

Project X =Party On!

Try to remember the most outrageous party you went to when you were younger. Now remember the loudest party the high school or college kids in your neighborhood have thrown.

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Movie Review

686. Breasts Exposed in Public — Part II

I got ahead of social development with too much detail about how men respond to bare boobs in the public arena. Mrs. Guy vetoed my effort, so I’ll fall back, recap, and stay on track. 208 more words


685. Breasts Exposed in Public — Part I

Several ladies commented on post 682. Boob Exposure: Rest of Story about the public prevalence of bare breasts in Europe. Let’s examine what it means.  … 185 more words


Sharon Stone is Bomb!!

Sharon Stone is Bomb!!

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And she let’s it all hang out on a European Mag cover. How unAmerican!

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