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How the Mom's Stuff Salve has saved my wandering feet

I’m a total nelipot. If you’re wondering what in the world that is and most likely you are, a nelipot is someone who walks with bare feet. 230 more words

My 3rd real experience barefoot | Barefoot Scott

My third real experience at barefoot living was when I was visiting my local Naturist campgrounds called La Pommerie I told myself that if I wanted to truly feel free, I was gonna leave everything at the gate, including footwear. 384 more words

Bare Feet

His Truth Be Told

“Let his truth be told
And his lies be held”,
I whispered to the full moon,
As tears streamed down my face,
I stood outside with my bare feet in the grass, 131 more words

Step 2 of my barefoot life | Barefoot Scott

My second memory of practicing barefoot living after my first blog was when I was taking mass transportation. Back then, I was more percy to the point where I made sure my feet were perfectly clean so I may take the sandals off and rest my feet on the bus seat in front of me. 317 more words

Bare Feet

My First Barefoot Experiences | Barefoot Scott

I think my first barefooting experiences started many years ago. I first started out being barefoot at home, checking the mail, bringing out the garbage or simply on my porch and in the yard. 470 more words

Bare Feet

Unknot Your Magic

Introduce your journey with bare soles, my love.

Carry forward land spirits of green kin.

Step softly with armfuls of tangled wishes, my love.

Unknot your magic within.


Through the Gate

Aged bare feet shuffled along the old picket fence, which seemed endless.

The wilderness all around was wild and free but imperishable, ancient, and yet fresh as spring. 123 more words