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JAMIE'S BLOG - YEAR 8 - DAY 142 :: sandy beaches


In thinking about joy today, I started making a mental list. It included all the things that bring me joy. There are so many items on the list but one came top of mind: bare feet and sandy beaches.   74 more words


A Lot Like Love

Happy Mother’s Day , actually !!!


Barefooting Rant | Barefoot Scott

I can’t quite help but to notice that there are people out there who look just as dumb as the very words they choose to blurt out when they come across me, doing my own thing barefoot. 526 more words


First Day Out for 2018 | Barefoot Scott

It’s been a long a dreadful winter and the beginning of Spring just would not shake the colder than normal weather for a longer than usual. 645 more words


Impromptu bare feet in sand moment

We were away last week on the Isle of Wight and had some fantastic weather. I got cocky and took my shoes off and dipped my toes in the water – forgetting that it is still April, not August! 54 more words


Feet vs floor

Bare feet on wooden floor. It just feels so good.

Some light pajama bottoms and loose t-shirt on you and your bare feet.


Debunking Myths about the South (Part 1)

Y’all, it’s time to dispel some myths about the South and Southerners. We’ve all fielded the questions, as dumb as they are, but enough is enough. 647 more words