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The fig tree in the backyard

is done giving fruit

for this season.

replenishing herself,

now she dreams.



for my


in need of a little extra warmth. 25 more words

The horizon '10th leaf

The horizon

Bare feet poaching on sand
The sun warming my back
Sweat running through my body
Sea breeze blowing my hair
As far as the eye can see… 23 more words

Fallen Leafs

Summer Fade

Tan lines fade and Fall
declares it’s time for painted
toes to go away


Untitled (Girls in Hammock)

The Pinterested usually caption this as “Girls in Hammock”,”Sisters” or “Twins”: tho’ there’s no evidence they’re twins – or even sisters, come to that – and it actually looks more like a makeshift tent than a hammock. 63 more words

Wagon Wheel Verse

How long a barn stands before it falls down,

Meadows in the summer, green and gold and brown,

Whirring of grasshoppers mingles with the heat, 12 more words


Puddle hunting

One of the greatest feelings as a child is finding the biggest deepest most perfect puddle and taking that first leap into the centre. The way the water parts when your feet hit the bottom, splashing up, out, and inside your boots. 433 more words


Self-Care Act: Appreciate Your Feet!

In our August box we wanted to help you appreciate your body as you get out and enjoy the sunshine. Yoga is a great way to show your body some love as you practice new moves and breathing techniques to help you handle life’s daily stresses and ups and downs. 243 more words

Daily Self-Care