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Coming Out

In the Principality of Monaco, so I hear, it is officially prohibited to go barefoot in public. I do not know whether there are actually traffic signs up to this effect, but you may be barefoot at the beach and of course at home, while otherwise, as a decent, law-abiding person, you have to hide your feet. 522 more words

Naked Feet


Last night we had an experience here that we haven’t had in quite some time.

My daughter came home around midnight and told me her stomach hurt and I asked like throw up hurt? 578 more words

Bare Feet


“A funny thing happened to me on the way to the show…” Always a good introduction. The day before yesterday, a funny thing happened to my bare feet on the way to the grocer’s. 279 more words


Turkey Stop 2: Pamukkale

After a long day on the bus, and changing a couple of times in different villages to progressively smaller and smaller buses and vans (as is the Turkish custom), I arrived in a small village called Pamukkale. 462 more words


Flower Power

We decided to do an impromptu photo-shoot before the flowers lost their vibrant yellow.    I am going to miss this place and these people when I leave!! 11 more words

A Thirteenth-Century Barefoot Hippie

He was originally a rich kid and quite proficient on the guitar, um, make that the lute. So he wanted to be a pop star (in his day, they were called minstrels). 419 more words

Naked Feet


Here I am on a ‘lazy Sunday’ staying at home catching up on my Apple Mac Pro laptop.  Sometimes you can feel a bit drab and lazy and get ‘nothing done or achieved’ if you stay in your PJ’s when it is a rainy grey day outside, SO I like to start the day with a shower, a good breakfast and ‘DRESS UP’,  elegant but casual and comfortable also freshen up my face with extra moisture(tinted) and a bit of colour, plus do my hair, so that I can just be ME and feel good about myself – whilst ‘lazing’ and relaxing with my laptop and a good cup of coffee.   238 more words