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Bare Feet Touching The Earth

Have you ever thought about how disconnected we are from the natural environment? We sleep in shelters above the flooring even upon beds. We work under fluorescent fixtures with climate controlled air ventilated through our offices. 245 more words


Socks, Bare Feet and Carol Burnett

When I was growing up, I wanted to be on Broadway. I memorized lyrics, sang the songs, and in my heart, was a Broadway Baby. The girls next door loved musicals as much as I did. 410 more words


Let’s Dance in the Rain

Poem number 2 NaPoWriMo

Let’s dance in the rain

and cleanse our spirits.

Dance as the rain.

comes pouring down.

Let’s dance in the rain, 176 more words



Often our meals are buffet style because it is easy to feed a large group. Our dinner last night was served to us. Steaming hot chicken, spaghetti and antipasto. 721 more words

Bare feet in the supermarket

I’m working in a supermarket and last time I was sitting behind the cash desk. I was having a costumer who walked barefoot. As a cashier, you see a lot of weird things. 311 more words

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