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Crusader Corner #5: Showtimes Hit Show "Homeland" Nails the Truth about Islam

“Any man shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he blows himself up is an adherent of the same religion children are forced to memorize, repeat, and is regurgitated by Muslim clerics the world over” 123 more words

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Look at How the Barbarians Treat Wounded Civilians

Let this BURN into your memory really good. If something like this doesn’t make you want to prepare I don’t know what will.-SF

British survivor of Muslim terrorist attack at Bataclan Theatre says ISIS terrorists “tortured wounded victims by slitting their stomachs with knives” 128 more words

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Dose of Truth: If Only they Would Have Only Let the Bastards Sink...

Maybe More People Would be Alive in Paris.

PARIS TERROR ATTACKS: Muslim terrorist who snuck in among ‘refugees’ was rescued by the Greek Coast Guard when his invader boat sank… 293 more words

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The Invasion has Begun: The first of 10,000 Syrian so-called ‘refugees’ are being flown into New Orleans at American taxpayers’ expense

As the dead are still being counted in Paris, with at least one of the Muslim terrorists identified as arriving in Europe a ‘Syrian refugee,’   43 more words

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ISIS Containment is a Fantasy Cooked up by Obama

While Obama tells the world ISIS has been contained, look how “contained” they’ve been over the past month



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Crusader Corner #4: What to Do when you see "Halal" (Islamic Approved Barbaric Slaughter) Meat Section in your Grocery Store

Tesco is a British Grocery Store chain by the way guys if that tell you anything.

Just another reason why the whole ideal of “Multi-Culturalism” is a pile of Horse Shi* 19 more words

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Crusader Corner #3: The "Refugee" Services of Texas?? WTF!!!

Run and get your Barf Bag, because after 3 minutes of listening to this and you will be sick….literally.

Thanks to Bare Naked Islam for this… 38 more words

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