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A picture is worth......??


This is a photograph of my younger brother, Michael. He is featured quite heavily both in the novella and the screenplay adaptation of TWO FEET, soon to be re-published as… 717 more words


Tip Toe Through the Toy Mess

Because we live in Hawaii, we don’t wear shoes in the house. Well, I should clarify. I don’t wear shoes in the house because I did not growing up. 392 more words

Earthing For Health

Clinton Ober, a pioneer in the cable TV industry, discovered real health benefits for what he calls Earthing, his term to describe going barefoot outside or having bare-skin contact with special conductive mats or sheets indoors that are connected to the ground (via an outlet or wire). 411 more words


Hearing your book

Having someone read and record your book is both a daunting and exciting process — attached is a preview of TWO FEET which an actor friend of mine recorded for me. 39 more words


The journey of TWO FEET, ONE SHOE begins...

Welcome to the first Blog of RoperWrites — self-published author and film maker…presently filming in Budapest but home to the UK soon.

Many full moons ago, I self published the novella TWO FEET — it hiccuped and burped along and managed to survive the gluttony and mass publication at Amazon. 246 more words


How Walking Barefoot Can Help You Fight Disease

I remember as a kid running around barefoot a lot.  It seemed like the thing to do at the time, it felt good…it felt natural.  Well it turns out nothing has changed!   759 more words



welcome to barefeet & sunflowers– my personal blog that I will use as an outlet for my thoughts, concerns, questions, and a rather large venting session about my road rage or horrible work day. 89 more words