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Something's Afoot in Spain

I first noticed it at the gym. When women get changed in the locker room, they never let their bare feet touch the ground. They’ll peel off shoes and socks, stand on a towel on the ground, and then slip their feet into flip-flops and walk to the shower, One time, back when I went to the… 550 more words

Cultural Differences

Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition, GELS and rooky mistakes.

Well as usual another interesting week behind me.

So I had a minorĀ surgery on my left foot with a small stone being removed that was actually tapping against my foot bone. Ā  1,471 more words



Riding Pride hard fast and strong

to hide the Shame that is deep long and cutting

Fall from that horse and walk


feel every blade of grass every grit… 81 more words


Recovery..No..its forced injury recovery.

What an eventful week I have had.

I have had a few minor aches and pains, bruises and bumps over the time, what with trail running and barefoot running, there is always bound to be something. 2,191 more words



“Step Aside”and Other Things Not To Say To Your Valentine:

Even If You Take Off Your Boots, Pretty-up The Border, and Add, “Honey Babe,Quick, I Have Cold Feet!”


another sign.

In a back alley, next to an old church, I found a sign. Rather appropriate sign it was, too. I’ve been taking life much too serious lately. 45 more words