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Quick, easy, free way to give shoes to a child in need

My sister just let me know about a great campaign TOMS shoes are running at the moment, where you just take a picture of your bare feet and pop it on Instagram with the hashtag #WITHOUTSHOES and they will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. 32 more words

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Music Guides you Home

She was always dressing up, trying to be someone else. Last week she was a princess, next week it would probably be something different. Because at six years old, she wasn’t sure who she really was. 781 more words


Attend: TOMS One Day Without Shoes

Manila, Philippines

It’s that time of the year again for another One Day Without Shoes! This event aims to raise awareness for importance of giving a pair of shoes to a child. 86 more words


Crazy thing to do in School !

This photo was taken in my school office. Although it was a random and sudden decision to take this photo, for me it is a meaningful photo. 496 more words

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Barefoot in the Park (and just about everywhere else)

We arrived in New Zealand a week ago today. It’s been a busy week — we picked up the car, opened bank accounts, got a NZ tax ID, found an apartment, moved in, got our belongings, met one of my new coworkers for coffee, unpacked and purchased most of the miscellaneous household goods you need to set up life in a new place. 306 more words

Little Joys

Walking home from work today, I unconsciously chose a different route. My mind was far away in a daydream and my feet were making decisions all their own. 57 more words