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Best Storytime Ever: All the Other Stuff

Yes, I know it’s been a while. I was conferencing, Christmas decorating and caroling. Now, for your reading pleasure, the final installment of this storytime series. 562 more words


„My friend robot“ by Sunny Scribens

Childhood and education today is different from our upbringing in the 70s, 80s and 90s. But is this a bad thing? Definitely not! Society changes, and so do the requirements for preparing children for today’s world. 422 more words

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Recycled Bird Feeders

After our recent pine cone bird feeders didn’t get much nibbling from neighborhood birds, we wanted to give our feathered friends more of a perch to stand on while having a late autumn snack! 189 more words


A story of a little boy whose shopping turned into an unexpected adventure


AUTHOR : Marlene Newman


         Whenever mum needed something Will was too busy and Rita was too little to help, so it is always Myron who was about to help mom. 432 more words


Mud Pies

Kids usually don’t need any excuse to play with dirt, but at least with this project you get a lovely result! This game was yet… 195 more words


Hiking on an Ant Trail

This adorable idea came to us from Barefoot Books’ Kids’ Garden kit. All you need is a 3-foot length of string, magnifying glasses and your imagination to have a magical moment. 147 more words

Book review: Barefoot Books World Atlas, by Nick Crane, illustrated by David Dean

Crane, Nick. Illustrated by David Dean. Barefoot Books World Atlas. Barefoot Books, 2011. ISBN 9781846863332. 47 pages Ages 3-12. P7 Q8

This is an in-depth, illustrated atlas meant to introduce young readers to the story of planet Earth and how it has been mapped in recent history. 157 more words

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