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Trip Report: Urban rambling through the fire swamp

There are differences between Hiking (y’know, ‘real hiking’ where there’s dirt and stuff) and city walking (which is clearly less cool and not Real Hiking), but frankly, I’ve done a lot more of the latter, and I don’t care (yet?) about Getting Out except as an arbitrary achievement that other people seem to value. 1,636 more words

Stop and Go Go Go Go Go

In which walking pace is more deeply personal than people realize until they try to coordinate with someone else.

W’s favorite part of hiking is pushing forward for a bit and feeling his body be awake and energized and good at what it’s doing, then pausing to enjoy the sensation and smell the trees. 1,490 more words

Trip report: Margaret's Way kicked our asses

In which two novices learn what elevation numbers mean, and sometimes you just gotta know when to bail!

Margaret’s Way, 2018-05-27 (Sunday of Memorial Day weekend) 1,667 more words

10Dec - 450 Barefoot miles...

Thanks to some recent warm weather in Colorado I’ve been able to get in some barefoot hiking in December, and today Strava reported that I’ve hiked just over 450 barefoot miles this year. 6 more words

02Dec - Ch...Ch...Changes....

I recently read how we’re the product of our habits: if you want to improve your life, focus on your habits. Further, it is generally easier to establish good habits than to eliminate bad habits; so focus first on establishing good habits… They will tend to crowd out the bad habits. 865 more words

12-13Oct One last backpack for 2017...

The snow was starting to fly in the high country, but my friend and I were determined to get in one last backpacking trip. We started at the top of Kenosha pass at 10,000ft and back-hiked the Colorado trail for a little over 7 miles, and then we connected with the Ben Tyler trail for the 11+ miles up and over the ridge and down to our awaiting car at the trail head on hwy 285. 574 more words

15Oct - The Results...

Per my earlier posts, on 21Apr I declared the start of a 6 month Barefoot Hiking experiment, and now, 6 months later, I’m ready to report the results. 1,195 more words