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#CoachJeff Proud of former #TOTT Runners' #EggNogJogRace Results:

It was a snowy, icy morning of Sunday, December 10, 2017 when the 33rd Georgetown Runners’ Egg Nog Jog 10.8 kilometre race got under way in the hills of Terra Cotta, Ontario, Canada. 443 more words

Barefoot Running

Exploring the Unknown Solution

Guest blog Courtesy of Joanne Dowds MISCP

To get better a running, you need to run, but that’s nearly too simple. Mixing in strength training helps prevent injury; speed training helps built towards the finish line. 565 more words

Who says suffering TWO #Strokes Diminishes Capacity???

Two weeks ago, I arranged to meet Mike Yuhasz Jr. at his dad’s (you will remember him as “the Legend” from an earlier blog post) place of residence.  1,040 more words

Barefoot Running

#RunningNirvana - It Does Exist! #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot:

Running Nirvana – does it REALLY exist??? As long as the old coach has been running (and that’s for the better part of 60 years!!!), I have been told that “there’s no better feeling than running”. 728 more words

Barefoot Running

A #Roots Journey Long Overdue for #CoachJeff:

Ever since making the move to London, Ontario, Canada almost 2 months ago, I have been anticipating my return to Stratford, Ontario, Canada – a mere 40 minute drive north-east. 1,200 more words

Barefoot Running

Dancing Barefoot

You’ve probably heard of barefoot, or at least minimalist running.

The idea that instead of running on cushioned layers you run on thin soles with no drop. 592 more words


#WholeHealthFitnessCentre #Runners Learn #InjuryFreeRunning#Barefoot:

On Saturday, November 4, 2017, I was invited to conduct a running workshop at Whole Health Fitness

(WHF) in Lucan, Ontario, Canada (19 kilometres north of London). 700 more words

Barefoot Running