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Running on Keto: 20th May to 23rd June 2017

Firstly I cant believe I haven’t done a Training post since the 19th May. Secondly I cant believe I have done so few runs between the 20th May and 23 June!!! 427 more words

#CoachJeff Kick Starts Summer #NaturalMethodTraining clinic:

I started doing Natural Method Training as a youngster MANY decades ago. Of course, I did not CALL it that nor did anyone else, for that matter. 671 more words

Barefoot Running

Is Barefoot Running for Me? Guest Post by Jessica Hegg

This is a guest post from our friend Jessica Hegg fromĀ ViveHealth.com

Interested, but somewhat intimidated by the thought of barefoot running? Comical visions of Fred Flintstone powering his car with his barefeet come to mind, or Frodo Baggins and the image of the large, callused, furry feet of J.R.R. 922 more words


Marathon training plan week 1

It’s now 14 weeks and 1 day until my next goal race the Beach to Brother marathon and that means the training plan will start tomorrow. 270 more words


When the man flu takes control

With my next race preparation starting on Monday I had plans to get a head start this weekend and take advantage with a couple of back to back aerobic paced longish runs over the weekend. 255 more words


Another Client on the Way to #InjuryFreeRunning#Barefoot:

Paul Kilbank contacted me about 5 weeks ago after perusing my website. He was searching for a barefoot running coach who stressed “injury-free techniques for runners”. 532 more words

Barefoot Running

When new running sandals are ordered!

This week I ordered myself a new pair of Gladsoles trail sandals. My current pair have now run 1100km and are showing major signs of wear on the sole. 532 more words