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Born to run or why I decided to run barefoot

Reading a book on running? That sounds boring. I will read a bunch of articles on the internet to get my questions like; what to eat as a runner? 378 more words


Let Me Run

It seems lately I have all these adult issues I am too young to face. Oh well. Face them I must. I have jobs to look at and emails to answer. 460 more words

30 is the new 60?

Lots of news for my March update, runners. First and most important, meet Peanut.

He can get up to 40 mph in just a few strides, but most of the time this retired racing greyhound sleeps. 263 more words

Marine Corps Marathon

Min/Maxing my Footwear

If you’re a regular at this blarg, or if you know me, then you know that I’ve been struggling with foot pain in one form or another for… ehh… erg… about a year and a half. 831 more words


Canadian Death Race Prep #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot

One of my barefoot runners has entered the Canadian Death Race or CDR (aptly named as it’s 125 miles through the Rocky Mountains of western Canada) that is held in August every year. 447 more words

Barefoot Running

Letter to Brazil

The paper is smooth even under my diabetic fingertips that bear the marks of being poked and bled so many times every day. Touching this surface, the memory of how it feels when I can run barefoot over smooth asphalt. 443 more words

Spring has sprung & I have run! (Barefoot, of course!)

What a beautiful time of year . . . the days are lengthening, the California native wildflowers are blooming, and Orange County’s wild trails are calling! 479 more words

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