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Running with the kids.

I think I’m fully conscious but my eyes are closed and my body is completely motionless, in that lovely place – the borderland of sleep. The temperture in the bed is perfect, cosy but not too hot, and I’ve found a spot on the pillow that is just right…… I’ve learned the value in creating and maintaining a comfortable in-bed temperature environment for a restful sleep (Libert, 2003; Okada… 557 more words

Transforming Another of #CoachJeff's Clients to #InjuryFreeRunnning#Barefoot:

Susan Wnuk was referred to me by a business associate who heard her story of running-related injuries and said “enough! You need to work with coach Jeff IMMEDIATELY.” Susan had been running for years but was constantly dogged by injuries. 370 more words

Barefoot Running

Terrible Reviews: Born to Run

I know, I know. I just wrote about Natural Born Heroes, and here I go, writing about another Christopher McDougall, granola-crunching, you-are-your-own-gym dissertation.

Sorry about that. 1,321 more words


What Shoe is Right for You?

A couple of years back my sister somehow convinced me to run my first half marathon. I knew absolutely nothing about running. I still don’t know much about it. 370 more words

Long Distance Running

Runners are natural artists!

Art and health have long been at the core of human interest. The need for meaning and relevance in daily life has long been accepted as the fundamental motivation in artistic creation and enjoyment. 591 more words

Barefoot Running: Here's What to Know

Here’s what you need to know: Real barefoot running is fun.

And by “real barefoot” I mean no footwear whatsoever, and by “fun” I mean fun. 762 more words

#ParkRunClermont and #iMFlorida Client Personal Records with #CoachJeff:

The coach was flown down to Clermont, Florida (just outside Orlando) from April 7 to April 11  by one of his triathlon clients. It was a trip well worthwhile on many fronts. 522 more words

Barefoot Running