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15 Days into 2017

Now 15 days into 2017 and I’ve totalled 100km of running in that time. I’ve ran on nine of the 15 days this year so far. 572 more words


#Paramedic #MarkWhitley Update - #SpecificTraining to avoid #Workplace#Injuries:

I started training Mark about 18 months ago. He hired me specifically to:

  • design a programme that closely simulated the challenges of his job in the ‘trenches’ as a paramedic…
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Barefoot Running

Summer, please come soon.

Winter mornings take a long time to wake up, even coffee doesn’t make it shine until the traffic goes crazy. 4 runs this year and equally split between morning and evening ones. 414 more words


Signs Appearing After the Loss of a Loved One - #Injury-FreeRunning:

This is somewhat off the beaten path for me re: blog content. Having said that, running during times of significant loss in my life has proven not only therapeutic but cathartic on many levels. 717 more words

Barefoot Running

#Sockwas + #Barefoot-Science to the Winter Rescue of #CoachJeff:

Before I begin the official 1st blog post for the old coach in what I will call 2017 (even though this is December 31, 2016!), 449 more words

Barefoot Running

17 for 17

As a rule, I’m a bit of an unrealistic optimist and tend to go with the flow of life. This year was perfect in that respect, on all fronts. 241 more words


Do it or just add it to next year’s list!

“It’s my year”….. The ending of the year and beginning of a new one is a great time to evaluate what is working in life and what isn’t, these ‘state of the union’ style conversations are  done with friends or internally and help bookend the year and plan change. 898 more words