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13th February 2019

lovely hack around Nesscliffe again today. Lots of different surfaces and very little of it flat. Did go up one very steep bank and he nearly fell on his knees, not sure he was fit enough for that. 27 more words


11th February 2019

lunged in EquiAmi for 20 minutes. He seemed tired which is a first, so I didn’t ask too much of him. did some nice stretching

Carrot stretches


10th February 2019

Went for a hack down the lane and in to the village, so all on the flat but we did quite a lot of trot and I asked him to work over his back.

1.5 hours


Plants, speed, pain and barefoot

There are many stories alike, but this is mine. And it is not a story that ends, it is in fact an introduction. Several runners are rediscovering barefoot running after decades of protective running shoes. 1,252 more words