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What do computers and jigsaw puzzles have in common? They both contribute words to the title of this post.




Here are recent events, experiences, and thoughts from the last seven days. 597 more words


It's Myths All The Way Down

There is something about bare feet that seem to generate myths. We’re all familiar with health department myths, and athlete’s foot myths, and warts myths, and that feet are supposedly these fragile things. 896 more words


Home made hoof clay 

I’ve been meaning to pick some hoof clay up for some time now, having horses living out 24/7 through winter (by choice obviously) can have its drawbacks when it comes to feet. 398 more words


Empowered by association 

So I’ve been told by a new friend I have recently made that they feel more confident when out and about with me because of my lack concern over how others might percieve me and my barefoot lifestyle. 458 more words


A day at the beach - Cape Town, South Africa

Momo’s first day in South Africa.

Momo and Starr go to the beach at Bloubergstrand, near Cape Town in South Africa.

Here Momo sees the iconic Table Mountain and starts to discover the differences between South Africa and Japan.

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Saturday Comic

Here’s our comic for today. It’s from a strip called “As You Were” (not to be confused with the later punk comix) that ran from 1972 to 1995, written by Jim Baker. 62 more words