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Freet Meta AYR - Review (full) - Barefoot Running Shoes

Rating: 80%


  • Good introduction shoe into barefoot running.
  • Look different, so they stand out from a normal running shoe.

Company Website link: http://freetfootwear.co.uk/index.php/2014-02-21-15-10-24/4-1-shoes

  1. Specs…
  2. 299 more words

I can't wait

I have drafts of stories I wanted to publish first but fuck it.  I ran my best 30K ever today!


Yay for strength training! 39 more words


Saturday Comic

Today’s comic comes from July 3, 1969, when bare feet reached their most recent peak. The strip is Hi and Lois, written (back then) by Mort Walker and Dik Browne. 22 more words


Hobnobbing On A Summer’s Day

Hobnobbing on a summer’s day
Listening to a calm Pan flute
Barefooted on the peaceful grass
But this heat makes it all moot
Ignoring all the world’s hate… 20 more words


September Again

Some of you must be incredulous that birthdays are celebrated every month either here or at another home. With a large family, no month has been missed out on, so it is just easier to get together once a month, both for cooking and for scheduling. 722 more words


Chaco Canyon—Tsin Kletsin

Later in the day (August 16) after seeing Una Vida, I hiked the South Mesa Trail to Tsin Kletsin.

This was a trail I’d hiked before. 654 more words


Looking Back

This is the first part of a poem which  I’m still working on. This first part was prompted by the above image though as it grows it seems to be moving on to deal with other things but these opening lines feel like a poem on their own. 99 more words