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The Story Behind the Menu - Weeknight Dinner for a Friend

Who: the three of us and a friend

What: a regular weeknight dinner

When: Monday evening

Why: because she works less than a mile away from our house, and we thought it’d be a blast… 462 more words


Hello Again! Long Time No Write.

I’ve always allowed myself to be pushed forward through life by what doors open next.

I’d hoped that I could help horse people feed their horses better through customized programs. 434 more words

Equine Health

Saturday Comic

Here’s a comic from Hi and Lois published back on October 17, 1962. Back then, Hi and Lois was written by Mort Walker and Dik Browne. 47 more words


"You're a Naturist, why do you still wear footwear?" | The Naturist Page

I think the best way I can explain this is because being a Naturist and being a barefooter is two different lifestyles. I can understand the confusion being both a Naturist and a newly barefooter enough to say that if I put aside the lifestyle as a barefooter, Naturists prefer a cleaner lifestyle. 296 more words


Koning Albertpark

Antwerp is such a small city that is surprising to see so many green areas in the city center. Not a lot of people know that if you travel all the way down Mechelsteenweg you get to another urban park known as Albertpark. 71 more words


DIY: Thrush Treatment

I’ve posted before about Oxine soaks for thrush and white line disesase (WLD) treatment. I still use that and love it. However, it takes a lot of time and effort, especially when you have multiple horses that need treatment. 482 more words