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Magnesium or maturing?

Late summer there was some bad news at the yard. A couple of the YO’s cattle had been put out on some older pasture and within a couple of weeks the eldest and youngest cows had died. 272 more words

Saturday Comic

For today, we return to a very common theme that we find in comics from that era. This is from the cartoon “All in a Lifetime” by Beck, and it’s dated August 28, 1947. 71 more words


Take me to the Beach

Summer in Australia is a great place to be and a great place to run. This time of year when I go running I am normally going to the beach. 154 more words


Bare/frontfoot running for fighting

WARNING: I highly recommend barefoot running in this post. In the early untrained stages, however, it is highly injury-sensitive. Read up and start slow!

Hate running? 358 more words


Saturday Comic

Today let me pull up a really old Dennis the Menace comic, dated June 30, 1964.

It’s interesting that since the time of that cartoon, keeping horses barefoot has become an item of interest. 36 more words


Things that I am Grateful About this Country

Starting from the theme of the day… I am thankful for the right to (over)eat and drink and consume into my body. I can make my choices by taste, texture, nutrition value, health concerns, the color of the food, or even peer pressure. 433 more words