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The consumerist reflex

When you decide to be permanently barefoot, there are, of course, many upsides from a spiritual, ecological, and minimalist point of view. Whether with you it is a conscious lifestyle choice or you just like to run around in your bare feet a lot, you are getting earthed, you are softening your impact on the environment, and you are freeing yourself from constraints – all of that both literally and in the figurative sense. 295 more words


Toe Rings!

Looking down under the desk at my permanently naked toes while I type this, I spot the gleam of no less than ten assorted toe rings adorning them. 528 more words


Barefoot in the spring

We have been spending a lot of time outdoors making the most of the beautiful weather we have been lucky enough to have the last few weeks. 223 more words



Sean’s Testimony of me: This woman is one of the most AMAZING Women I’ve ever met! Beautiful, Intelligent, Funny, Supportive, Sensual to the MAX!!! Take the chance to get to know this INTRIGUING woman, at least a little.  176 more words


Saturday Comic

This is last Sunday’s strip from Arlo & Janis.

I’ve mentioned before having older adults tell me how they used to run around barefoot all summer as kids, but that they could never do that now. 20 more words


A Disquieting Sight

One of the minimalist features in my life is that I do not own a car but run all my errands either by public transport, by bicycle, or on foot. 357 more words


The Pleasure of Being Recognized

One of the downsides of going barefooted is the constant worry (even if we get used to it) of having some store employee seeing us barefoot and throwing a fit. 525 more words