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Power of mountains

Went on a spontaneous mountain hike today. Well spontaneous as I decided to join on Friday. Got really sunburned, but met some nice people. Today was a good day. 259 more words

Earthing on the road

One great motivation for me while traveling is to find good places for me to take my shoes off and touch down with the ground. Poolsides are great, as they tend to have unfinished tiling or paving around them. 517 more words



Sasha Something-or-other-opova. I guess.


Saturday Comic

Today’s comic is from April 3, 1974. It’s from Archie.

Back then a lot of kids tried to go barefoot in school (as opposed to the 1930s when many kids didn’t have to try—they just did). 15 more words


Red Bandanna

Today was day 411 of the running streak and also the 2nd day of trying to run at least 10 miles each day for 10 straight days. 505 more words