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Got Milk? | Melkøya | FAQS ARTICLE

I’m not even joking. It’s actually called Milk Island (if you directly translate it)

Melkøya is an island that liquidises natural gas which is extracted via a pipeline under the sea from Snøhvit, a natural gas field in the Barents Sea. 253 more words


Rosneft completes historical Arctic expedition

From Barentsobserver

The expedition, named Kara Winter 2015, was conducted in cooperation with the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute and the Arctic Research Project Center. It is the biggest Arctic research expedition which has been conducted the last 20 years, Rosneft writes in a… 248 more words


24 апреля FILM FROM THE NORTH: Into the Wild

 FILM FROM THE NORTH: Into the Wild 
Программа короткометражных фильмов Международного кинофестиваля в Тромсё (2015)

 24 апреля в 19.00 в Кинотеатре “Премьер” (ул. Правды 38-в). … 115 more words

Russia builds fifth multirole nuclear submarine

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Sevmash Shipyard has started construction of “Arkhangelsk”, the latest 4th generation nuclear-powered multipurpose attack submarine of the Yasen-class.

The vessel was laid down at Sevmash Shipyard in Severodvinsk outside Arkhangelsk on March 19, the day of submariners. 137 more words


Amid NATO exercises, Russia puts Northern Fleet on 'full alert' - CNN.com

“As the U.S. and several Eastern European NATO countries conduct a series of military exercises near Russia’s border, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his Northern Fleet “to full alert in a snap combat readiness exercise” in the Arctic, state-run media reported Monday. 659 more words

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More naval activity in Norway’s northernmost regions

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After years of focusing on international operations and phasing-in of new equipment, the Norwegian Navy is ready for more activity in the northernmost parts of the country. 384 more words


The germ of a good story

Svalbard is an Arctic archipelago midway between Norway and the North Pole. Its symbol is a yellowish-white poppy. 564 more words

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