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Bargain vs. budget-buster

Much to my continued dismay, money cannot and will not grow on trees. We therefore must go about earning it and budgeting it the hard way. 178 more words


The Step Ahead shoe sale madness

It’s Friday, the world has gone diaper shopping thanks to the financial year-end. Gracious old me is just kilometers away from BitchVille and in pursuit of keeping my marbles, I had to get some form of retail therapy. 221 more words

Style On Budget

We now do wholesale!

We have decided to branch out into wholesale. We have some fantastic products that we think would be great for other businesses that need products in bulk, or that could be resold in a bricks and mortar store. 146 more words


Second Hand Dealer

Just before you go,
can I interest you 
in pieces of my broken heart?
Some of it is worth saving
and other bits...just shards 
(results of little accidents
with mistaken love
that I foolishly repeated)
Sorrow fits me like a glove! 68 more words
Attempts At Poetry

Spring is here!

Well the nice weather has come back today and the sun is finally shining! Could this mean Spring is finally here to stay? We have ordered some light weight rugs in ready for all our customers! 165 more words


Cool Jewels

I’m a big fan of jewellery – it can make or break an outfit. More specifically I’m a big fan of statement jewellery. Loud, in your face, unusual and quirky. 466 more words