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Be The Hero Of Your Own Life: Day 151 Postsurgery

Metabolic syndrome gone!

Pre- diabetes gone!

CPAP machine gone!

High blood pressure gone!

Weakness gone!

Fatigue and apathy gone!

If I can do this, anyone can! 93 more words

Autoimmune Diseases Don't Come To The Party Alone

It's no wonder I'm tired all the damned time!!

I thought I’d post a quick update in regard to my “med mix up” and subsequent brain freakout this week, and had it all typed out, whether you wanted to read it or not. 377 more words

Bariatric Surgery

Cedar Park Surgeons

Cedar Park Surgeons in Cedar Park and Round Rock Texas, operates through a highly specialized team of bariatric surgeons, a dietician, a psychologist, and counsellor-led support groups and provides comprehensive weight loss treatment program that extends beyond surgery and the operating room. 204 more words

Alan R. Abando MD

I finally did it!

I made it to the last day of my four week stretch with no days off.  I. AM. TIRED.  In case you missed it, or in case I failed to post it, I have a 2nd job on the weekends.  341 more words

Friday's Child

Is loving and giving.

Now although this may sound like me, I wasn’t one of these.

I was born on a Sunday and as the rhyme says “But the child who is born on the Sabbath day, is lucky and happy and good and gay” 740 more words



Can you guess what this post is about?! I’ll give you a hint… It starts with an “I’m” and ends with a “cleared!”

Still can’t get it?!     1,090 more words

Bariatric Surgery