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Five months and change

So, quick update because I had my endoscopy today to find out if I have an ulcer and I am still kind of fruitloops from the meds they gave me to knock me out… Being kind of out of it after anesthesia is normal for me for the rest of the day. 180 more words

Weight Loss Surgery

"Only God can judge me! ...and also my insurance company."

Excuse me while I sob at my desk at work, move along, nothing to see here, I just got the best phone call of my life. 280 more words


A New Pilgrimage: Weight Loss Surgery

In 2003, I lost 105 pounds over the course of a year.  I vowed never to regain the weight and actually kept it off for the better part of two years.  1,069 more words


5 Weeks Pre-Op

As I write this its actually more like 4.5 weeks until surgery and my excitement isn’t waning.

Whilst I haven’t lost a lot more, probably only a kg or so, the number one rule that the nurse gave me was not to gain any more weight.   191 more words

Bariatric Surgery


Well good morning everyone and I trust you are all well here in the land of Magnet?

I am pleased to say that I feel as though I am finally coming out of that Flu Jab funk I have found myself in for the past couple of weeks. 539 more words


I lost what

So I keep seeing these pictures on other weight loss sites and thought it was really neat. So I will post two today. The first will be my overall weight loss since joining the Ontario Bariatric Network last year. 295 more words


Hey y’all!

So there’s this thing Kathy and I have seen among the community of sleevers on social media and blogs. And that is naming ones sleeve. 314 more words