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Very Little That Me Or Anyone Else

Can Add To This.


Jose G. Osuna


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The Fabric Of Life.

What are we made of? What is within us that

would push us up in the morning so that we

might accomplish the goals and plans that will… 98 more words



How important is Mindset?

I have learned that in the weight loss

game it is central if we want to  truly

make progress. I have also learned that… 46 more words


6 Weeks/42 Days Later...OMG WTF Have I Done?!

Somebody buy this Doll a Barbie BMW truck …..What an effin ride!!!

****I dedicate this blog to my Paula…my biggest blog fan and to my newly sleeved Dolls! 651 more words

A Life Worth Living.

What awaits us in the end?

How will we feel about our endeavors.

How will we feel about our decisions.

There are many unknowns but in the here… 81 more words


Weight Celebration Tracker.

I looked at this and thought well this is one

we can all individualize to suit our needs

and want. I might not want a pedicure but… 42 more words


About Bariatric Center for Success

Hi there!  My name is Denise Roden and I’m a bariatric patient.  On August 11, 2004 my life changed.  I had Roux En Y Surgery to lose weight; and I did.   344 more words

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