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I want more and better.

I am willing to do what it takes.

Are you with me?

Jose G. Osuna



Basic No More.

Who wants to live a basic life?

For those of us on this race we know that we

are trying to live life to the fullest and… 118 more words


My Challenge.

As some of you know I have been dealing with a dislodged

band for quite a bit of time.

I have tried to work around the challenge that this is but I know… 137 more words


I wore shorts!

-3.5weeks, -36lbs

Every woman has at least one thing they don’t love about their body no matter what size we are.  It seems to be engrained in us like a right of passage that comes on with puberty and the loss of childhood innocence.   218 more words


Always Hungry?!

This is actually quite a good book. Well-written, understandable and full of good, well-referenced information related to the utter paradigm-shift we have experienced in the science of obesity medicine in the past several years, along with practical application. 48 more words

Weight Loss

FOOD. The other side of the coin.

Weight loss is not just a matter of Dieting any more

than it is just a matter of working out.

A balance of the two makes for faster more noticeable results. 131 more words