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Be The Best.

The best version of ourselves is the one

that is created every day as we deal with life.

Setbacks and triumphs influence us and both… 27 more words



How important is Mindset?

I have learned that in the weight loss

game it is central if we want to  truly

make progress. I have also learned that… 48 more words


The Beginning

February 8th, 2016

I remember this day like it was yesterday, honestly. It was the day that broke the camel’s back for me. I had tried all the fad diets up to this point and taken the lovely phentermine pills that made you feel like you were strung out with awful side effects, yet you keep taking them because they kind of work right? 242 more words


A Walk Of Perspective.

If you want to see just how small

our problems really are go for a walk

on the mountains.

Talk about getting some perspective.

This picture was taken somewhere… 137 more words


Get Addicted

It doesn’t have to be running., It can be any activity

we get involved with. Walking, swimming, running, crossfit, etc.,

The feeling after keeping our physical commitments is great. 95 more words


On Goals.

I believe in setting Goals.

Big, Hairy, Scary, Meaningful GOALS.

I want the best for me but I also want the best for you all. 144 more words


Doing More.

The possibilities are endless.

Actually the only limit in our way is the

amount of work we do or don’t.

I see this picture and I see months… 100 more words