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But more importantly thank you for

the opportunity of Today.

Let us not miss the opportunity to make

today count and get the most of it. 113 more words


Discover Minimally Invasive Procedures For Your Next Surgery

Minimally invasive operating techniques have had a tremendous impact on surgery since the 1990s. This advancement in surgical technique is leading to an improvement in the quality of life for patients undergoing surgical treatments. 299 more words

Bucket list? Fuck it list.

If you’re a “fat” girl, (or guy) I guarantee there’s a list of things you secretly always wanted to do, but always pretended you hated because your weight hindered your abilities. 275 more words

Bumps in the road.

The closer I am to finishing my six months of insurance duties, the more nervous I get about if this is real or not. Am I actually going to get this surgery done? 130 more words

The How To Of Motivation.

With this in mind

Stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna



Breaking Down the Myths and Building Up the Facts of Weight-Loss Surgery

Popular myths about bariatric/weight-loss surgery (WLS) run the gamut from horror stories to fairy tales. In reality, these procedures are neither as awful nor as fantastic as they’re usually made out to be. 414 more words


something is going on

I remember seeing weightloss before and after pics when I was a kid. My entire childhood I never weighed more than 110 pounds which is considered underweight by BMI standards (I’m 5’6″)… don’t worry nobody cared that I was so small, it wasn’t a public health crisis. 250 more words

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