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The Fabric Of Life.

What are we made of? What is within us that

would push us up in the morning so that we

might accomplish the goals and plans that will… 98 more words


Three Months Post-op

I had my three-month post-op visit with my surgeon yesterday. Well, really with his nurse practitioner, who is most excellent in her own right.

My overall milestones are pretty good: I’m down to 308 pounds & change from 396+ in April, and 362 the day I walked into the hospital on July 6th. 432 more words


On Fear.

When it comes to weight loss there are always

ups and downs. It is a known fact for those of us

that have gone through Weight Loss Surgery or… 171 more words


We are what we think of.

What will you be tomorrow? next week? next month?

Or the year to come..

We center on weight loss but the reality is that… 117 more words


The Meassure Of Success

We all have a different reason for what we do

and, we measure it in our own unique way or

at least we should.

I track my weight by pounds and 10th. 112 more words


Surgery update

This past friday I had my Upper Endoscopy, in which I had some mild complications, including but not limited to, a panic attach while still sedated which caused an abnormally high heart rate. 247 more words


Our journey is not one

for a day or two.

It is a journey for the rest

of our lives.

Never stop trying.

Never doing your best… 25 more words