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Welcome to The Fat Guy Survival Guide

Hello world and welcome to The Fat Guy Survival Guide.  This first post if over a year in the making.  Truth be told, it’s probably decades in the making.   802 more words

Making Progres.

Every step counts. Every decision matters.

Gang., we make or break goals with our actions

or the lack of. We know what we want and… 108 more words


On Resolutions.

If you made a new year resolution to exercise or lose weight

or lead a healthier lifestyle make sure that you KEEP IT.

Gang. Let’s not be average because the average person is broke and… 59 more words


MadamTM’s “Obalon” Journey Review

Note: if you’d prefer to skip my chatter, scroll down to “The Journey Begins.” Also, this post is ongoing for the next 6+ month. 

Procedure information:  … 2,631 more words



Every day we compromise. We give in a little

and before we know it we have gone too far.

It is not just in the giving but also in the taking, 138 more words



It is MONDAY. Let’s remember how much we have done

to get to where we are and make sure that we are

protecting the progress and success. 97 more words


Don't You Quit!!

Because quitting is not acceptable

we plan our work and work our plan.

We look into the future through our dreams

and hopes and we know what the value… 84 more words