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On Goals.

I believe in setting Goals.

Big, Hairy, Scary, Meaningful GOALS.

I want the best for me but I also want the best for you all. 144 more words


Doing More.

The possibilities are endless.

Actually the only limit in our way is the

amount of work we do or don’t.

I see this picture and I see months… 100 more words


Be Proud. Let's All Be Proud.

The road is hard and we all know it as we all walk it.

I have said before that I celebrate a day without chocolate… 86 more words


Do It Anyway.

I have absolutely nothing to lose.

Jose G. Osuna

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10 Day Cleanse.

Not a big fan of the “Cleanse”

But this one sounds like it could work.

Just throwing it out there.

Anyway have a great and productive… 19 more words



All we need is one or two reasons and

a commitment to better health and a better life.

The thing is that commitment is not an easy… 104 more words


Life And It's Pleasures.

You Know That Moment When:

You get on the scale and smile.

Get those jeans from the back of the closet

and they just feel and look like you remember. 98 more words