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Doing More.

The possibilities are endless.

Actually the only limit in our way is the

amount of work we do or don’t.

I see this picture and I see months… 100 more words


Be Proud. Let's All Be Proud.

The road is hard and we all know it as we all walk it.

I have said before that I celebrate a day without chocolate… 86 more words


Do It Anyway.

I have absolutely nothing to lose.

Jose G. Osuna

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10 Day Cleanse.

Not a big fan of the “Cleanse”

But this one sounds like it could work.

Just throwing it out there.

Anyway have a great and productive… 19 more words



All we need is one or two reasons and

a commitment to better health and a better life.

The thing is that commitment is not an easy… 104 more words


Life And It's Pleasures.

You Know That Moment When:

You get on the scale and smile.

Get those jeans from the back of the closet

and they just feel and look like you remember. 98 more words



The way I see it if my Coach hits me with “Choices”

I share the theme with you.

From the moment we get up… No.. From the moment… 71 more words