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Market Lane, Prahran

Remember that time I ordered a Skinny Soy Decaf Flat White, extra hot, with 6 sugars?
No? Neither do I. It would never happen.

Back to reality. 87 more words



Recently my courage has been tested.  I started about a month or so ago as a barista in “a big name coffee place.”  Now I thought this was going to be a good fit for me and a great experience.   98 more words

Starbucks Customer Gets Mad At Barista, Returns With Apology Note & $50

Most stories we write about unhappy customers returning to the scene of their displeasure end badly — sometimes burn-down-the-building, drive-your-car-into-the-restaurant badly. So we’re relieved to bring you a tale of an angry Starbucks customer who came back to the coffee shop to apologize and compensate the barista she felt she’d wronged. 259 more words

Retail Services

I am now a living cliché

I’ve mentioned before that I sold my soul to the on-campus food service company. It was kind of a last-resort deal, with the benefits being that I made money and…that was kind of it. 497 more words


Anthony's Golden Cup

Anthony’s Golden Cup is an established purveyor of the finest coffee beans, freshly ground or that refreshing cup of coffee that had made him owner Anthony Swartz world-renowned. 308 more words

Coffee sector of Cuba

Cuba is the most fascinating country to visit, and not due to embargo and disgraceful economic blockade imposed by imperialistic American Government but for its charm, beauty, warm hospitality, and pride of Cuban people to preserve their identity in spite of American failure to take down the Castro regime and impose its own capitalistic ideology to the nation who stands firmly to defend socialism and to protect the integrity of Cuban people. 1,534 more words


Mean Starbucks Customer Returns The Following Day To Apologize With A Card & $50

Some days, the smallest thing can set you off. In this case, it’s the lack of drink carriers at Starbucks.

A woman named Debbie ordered several drinks in the Starbucks drive-thru. 260 more words