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Good coffee is all the rage these days. Wether you are a loyal Starbucksers or like to support local coffee shops everyone is very well caffeinated these days. 725 more words

#PLACES: Colony Club 

With gentrification running rampant in DC, a lot of coffee shops, bars, and restaurants have been popping up all around the city. Located in DC’s Park View neighborhood just a few blocks from Howard U, Colony Club opened in summer 2015. 414 more words


Barista or Tweaker?

There is a barista competition in Kansas City this week. Lots of shaky, jittery people in town right now.

At first, I thought they were just the regular downtown tweakers and bath salt smokers. 51 more words

Baristas Have Feelings Too

It is no secret that hospitality jobs are challenging. Dealing with the general public can be quite the task, especially when they’re tired and groggy and all they want is their damn coffee, food or alcohol. 803 more words


Congratulations to coffee whiz and Art Café Barista, Martin Shabaya, who recently won the National Barista Championships for the second time in a row. His first win dating back to earlier days in 2015.

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Lemon Ginger Latte

My first job in the coffee industry was at Klatch Coffee in Ontario. I had worked at Anthropologie for 2 years and loved it so much. 527 more words