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It's all about the coffee @ ONA

You know the coffee is good when that’s primarily all the café sells! Well, that and a few donuts to keep you from getting peckish. And it’s not really a café as such, more a “coffee bar”. 218 more words

June series: Life of a Barista, part 3.

Hello and welcome to part 3 of Life as a Barista.

Today, for once, I am actually going to be helpful. One of the biggest problems we face as Barista’s is that customers don’t fully understand which coffee is which and what they want to order. 228 more words


Coffee & bikes, bikes & coffee…a long story that gave birth to concept stores from London to Japan, including Orbea CC in the very centre of Barcelona. 118 more words


Cappuccino, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Easterly window a horrible sight
Receiving no pardon must arise
Shield myself from the ghastly sight
Intensity so high must protect my eyes

In line at my favorite coffee shop… 131 more words

Finding Beauty

Project Black Cafe

Angus Shen brings a wealth of experience and an abundance of passion, to the outer eastern suburb of Mitcham, with the establishment of his second café ‘Project Black’. 336 more words

Specialty Coffee

What are you waiting for? Pros and cons of working in a coffee shop.

I’ve not been working as a waitress long (just over a month) but I’ve already been through A LOT of different experiences waiting staff face on a day to day basis…and god it can be tough. 1,159 more words


VNBC 2018: The Soldier

Meeting Enma the first time in Vietnam Aeropress Championship (VNAC) 2016, I never thought that, some day in the future, this barista would be one of the bravest soldiers in our coffee industry. 1,153 more words