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Sara, the new Starbucks Barista

I haven’t been writing since a long time. Maybe because I had a lot through my head. Some small health issues, some thinking and also some fun. 693 more words

There is no such thing as perfect.

Some people may say that I’m a perfectionist.

Maybe I am guilty.

Charged with perfectionism?!

To be honest, I don’t know if doing the best I could in everything I do to the extent of chasing perfection would qualify as a “crime”. 236 more words


The man with the muffin

He smiled
and biked on by


Hello —
You came back?
Ah, to buy a muffin!
Yes, that would
go well with your
latte. Crumble top… 22 more words


About me.

The awkward first post.

So I suppose it would be best to tell you, my readers, a little bit about myself and why I have decided to start this blog. 680 more words


Kitty Matcha Latte Love!

Dear Kate,

I loveeee the cakes you made! That rainbow cake is super impressive and congrats to Dan to making it into the 30s (wheeh!). Yes! 264 more words


Tales From the Food Worker Test

I haven’t had a Washington State food worker permit in many years. While you can get one online, unfortunately you cannot just take the test and be done with it. 197 more words