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Yusri Putrama Adimulya: Barista Kopipapi Coffee Space

yusriputrama93@gmail.com / @yusriputrama

Pria yang saat ini berusia 24 tahun sedang menjalani profesi barista pertamanya di  salah satu coffeeshop di bilangan Tangerang. Kopipapi Coffee Space (Jalan Maleo Raya JC1 No.16) 466 more words


Local Coffee

I was in the kitchen all morning and noon cooking for the friends: steaming rice and broccoli, poaching salmon and baking turkey, basil and blueberry cookies. 402 more words


Peaberries: A brief introduction

You may have heard the term ‘peaberry’ before but do you know what a peaberry is or what it does to the cup of coffee you’re drinking? 178 more words


The Old Wench and the President

Prompt was “Write a story in which a broken coffee maker has a huge impact on the world around it.”  Thanks for reading!  Love you guys! 3,981 more words

Short Story

Single Origin Coffee vs. House Coffee vs. Cold Brew vs. Espresso

There Are So Many Different Types, Why?

What’s the difference between coffee and espresso, you ask?! What about House Coffee vs Single Origin Coffee?  “How dare you?” sneers the listless barista as his gaze peers into the very fabric of your soul like you’re supposed to automatically know the difference between a latte and cortado. 651 more words


Edgcumbes Coffee Roasters and Tea Blenders

On Sunday I had the pleasure of driving two and a half hours to get to a town I’ve never heard of before in temperatures reaching thirty degrees. 595 more words


High Protein Vegan Iced Coffee

Summer is here and for a lot of people that means iced coffee. I’m one of the crazy people that drinks iced coffee unless it’s negative a million degrees. 119 more words