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Hanging Up The Apron

Today marks the beginning of my last week working as a coffee shop barista. Maybe not forever–hey, who knows what the future will bring–but for now. 815 more words


Hey, it's me, The Red Cup! Ya'll miss me?

Hey! It’s me! The Red Starbucks Cup!

Now, I get it. You guys wanted pictures of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa and the nativity scene depicted on me. 281 more words

I Quit My Job

So I’m a 34 year old Ph.D. moonlighting as a barista, living in Pryor, Oklahoma, trying to find a job as an academic. It’s actually a lot harder to find a job in Oklahoma than one might think. 313 more words



Inspire means, “fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.” This picture I posted totally inspired me. 310 more words


Could Coffee Be The New Elixir For Eternal Life?

*WARNING* consume the following info with a ‘grain of salt’, or in a caffeine junkie’s case a ‘cube of sugar’ for the java…

A new… 244 more words


A Coffee Snob’s Guide to Crossing the Continent

Aeropress. Check.
Hand grinder. Check.
Freshly roasted beans from your favorite local roaster. Check.

You’re all set!

Ok just kidding.  Crossing the continent can take a day or it can take 17, depending on your mode of travel. 575 more words