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Served Piping Hot

Don’t get comfortable, we wouldn’t want to you to start liking this. Tell me how you like your coffee, and how brown you like your bagel toasted. 1,045 more words


The 350g Argument

As interest (and knowledge) grows around coffee one issue that keeps coming up is finding the ideal size for retail packs. For many years 250g has been pretty standard in terms of making a nice metric split of a kilo of coffee – but recently the 350g bag has started creeping in. 470 more words

Heiss & Burg's Coffee Roasting Co.

Heiss & Burg’s Coffee Roasting Co.
D. Paul Angel
999 Words

Crossroads have always been steeped in superstition. After all, they’re the intersection of potential destinies. 1,020 more words


Throwback Thursday: The Case of the Mysterious Tomato

So I used to work in food service- two jobs as a barista and a server. I would occasionally write down some funny (or infuriating) moments during my workday, and I just stumbled across one such event. 274 more words




…a my zas pokračujeme v našom tour de café….

English (shorten) version below:) 988 more words


Brew it

He’s just another barista who made my coffee.

He’d been so sweet more than a confectioners sugar. He? A clever man who hates sun, loves to sing and wears nothing more but polo and jeans. 93 more words