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WWD MAGIC 2014: Baristart with Michael Breach

For those of you who don’t know, I really enjoy a cup of coffee. This interest just kind of snuck up on me while I was a teenager. 168 more words

Dizzy Spangle


Der Künstler nennt das luftige Gebilde ” Gravity”.

Das ist wohl die flüchtigste aller Künste: Baristart. Michel Breech beherrscht die Kunst aus Milchschaum Gesichter und Motive zu formen, perfekt. 10 more words



{Miley Cyrus}

{Karl Lagerfeld}

{Hocus Pocus}


{Lady Liberty}

{Justin Timberlake}



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the Baristart

Its time to put the fun back into coffee and make it a truly special experience.
Inspired by Wonka and Warhol. – Mike Breach

Humans creative capacity, it’s endless!

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Meet Mike Breach, a barista artist. Lately, probably due to instagram, I’ve noticed a trend in more and more intricate latte art. It used to be a simple heart could put a smile on a latte-drinker’s face, but now, baristas like Mike use much more detailed illustrations. 104 more words

Ever Wanted Kanye's Face in Your Latte?

Well are you in luck.  Mike Breach makes art out of the everyday latte.  And he’s pretty damn good at is, despite how hard people must make fun of his hipster trade. 50 more words

The Usual