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Shape and Texture

A collaborative theme. Concept and art direction by KimskyArt. Photography and photo edits by bushboy photos.

A walk around the garden admiring the Shape and Texture of the plants, trees and flowers, designing and taking a concept from ideas and thoughts through the lens, onto the screen. 18 more words


Frosted Wood

Sugared snow covers logs on the wood pile. We are so ready for spring weather here in Ontario.

© Sheila Creighton 2018


Red Bloodwood Tree

The red bloodwood tree, Corymbia gummifera, is found along the east coast of mainland Australia from Victoria up to South East Queensland and can grow up to 45 metres tall. 131 more words


Tallowwood Gum Tree

The tallowwood tree, Eucalyptus microcorys, is a fast growing gum tree and can grow as tall as 60 metres in height. These gums can be found along the Australian east coast from Newcastle in New South Wales to Maryborough in Queensland. 184 more words


Expire- Bark

If that beginning drum roll doesn’t make you want to spin kick in the pit then I don’t know what will. Expire was the first hardcore band I listened to and it was the band that got me into hardcore. 87 more words

Daily Jams

I Didn't Dare

The last post I wrote on this site was posted on the day of my sister’s funeral.

What I didn’t add was that she was there standing behind me as the boys played and yelled at each other. 158 more words