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I got a momentary glimpse of what it’s like to be a celebrity female journalist in India, and it was terrifying

I average about one Twitter @-mention per day. (Yes, I don’t tweet much.) Yesterday, I got more than 100.

The reason: I had spent a few days on a visit (organized and paid for by the UN Foundation) with a group of journalists that included Barkha Dutt, a TV reporter and host sometimes called “India’s Oprah Winfrey.” She has nearly 4.7 million Twitter followers. 662 more words

An India of ideas

“The contest between Left and Right is only just beginning…”

That may sound like a tagline for the next X-men movie, yet in some ways, the current situation is just as surreal. 1,614 more words


Mr. Goswami haazir hoe!!

I did not think I would ever write about Arnab Goswami and his comedy circus, The Newshour. But, here I am.
Honestly, I was ‘encouraged’ by Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai. 386 more words

The Write Effect

Arnab Goswami did not kill TV news. He changed it.

It is no surprise that Arnab Goswami’s journalism, disgusts the rest of his industry, of which Barkha Dutt is a mere symbol. That her outburst is a mere continuation of a ferocious campaign against him, since the time, the… 740 more words


Why Barkha and Gang hate Arnab Goswami and India Loves him

On July 27th morning, Barkha Dutt, wrote a post on her Facebook alleging Arnab Goswami of doing chamchagiri of Modi government (perhaps she chose this word ‘Chamchagiri’ because her friend Kejriwal believes that Arnab is Chamcha of Modi or may be because she is envious of Arnab since Mr. 1,272 more words


NDTV and the fight for TRP’s

I said this in the past and I will say in again, there is a cut throat race for TRP’s among News Channels. Earlier we saw Ravish Kumar doing a blank screen against the Channel that is getting TRP’s and now we see Barkha Dutt doing the same. 350 more words


Barkha Dutt, you are not a terror Sympathiser !

Times Now Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami opened a can of worms yesterday. He did not name anyone, but he made his target clear. He was on the aggressive, attacking “pseudo-liberals”, some of whom are within the media. 743 more words

Social Awareness