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Multi-grain Cream Cheese Onion Bread

  This is a healthy and tasty loaf.  The cream cheese really created a moist semi-open crumb.

I had just returned from a business trip in Vegas so I used my newly refreshed AP mother starter for this one and decided to add some dehydrated onions for some extra flavor. 448 more words

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Barley Oat Porridge Maple Rolls

  Last week I went on a short vacation to Vermont and usual we visited King Arthur Flour and several cheese shops.  We also visited Sugar Bush Farms where they tap their own trees for 4 different grades of maple syrup as well as numerous varieties of cheddar cheese.  644 more words

Sour Dough Breads

Home-made Muesli

Home-made Muesli

Have you ever picked up one of the cereal boxes of shop bought muesli, or other breakfast cereals and looked at the list of ingredients? 202 more words


Pain Au Levain with Shallots

      This is another version of the bread I made last week but I subbed out the white rye with durum flour and I added some dried Shallots reconstituted in the liquid first. 574 more words

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Pain Au Levain with Barley Flakes

   This past weekend I decided to make 2 different styles of bread, with one being a classic Pain au Levain and the other a new higher percentage Jewish Rye.  661 more words

Sour Dough Breads

proper porridge packs by Dorset Cereals


REVIEW OF proper porridge and proper raspberry porridge

Porridge packs by Dorset Cereals have recently received a new makeover, and we have pleasure in awarding five shiny stars once again, this time for the producing of porridge recipes made from natural ingredients, mainly jumbo/fine cut porridge oats/ and barley flakes, and in the case of the proper Raspberry recipe, dried fruit(s) and seeds are included; so nothing artificial used. 468 more words

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Muesli for Cheapskates: Custom Flavour at Cut Price

I’ll admit it.  I was not motivated to make muesli by my most attractive qualities.  I was partly pushed by the Birkenstock-wearer in me, who probably thinks I should have threshed my own grain.   381 more words