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Durum Potato Porridge Bread for my Doggies

      This was my first bake after being back from a long 2 week business trip to Asia.  Being away is hard on my wife but my dogs really get upset when I don’t come home at the end of the day :(.  578 more words

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Barley Porridge with Peanut Butter

I have started to use barley flakes in my kitchen only recently but from the very beginning, I knew that they will become one of my favourite breakfast options – barley porridge – yes, please:). 272 more words


36 Hour Toasted Porridge Spelt Bread

  I have made several breads with this long autolyse technique in the past and I’m always happy with the well developed flavor and open crumb it produces.  555 more words

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Shiloh Farms Organic Grain Flakes

Look no further than Lancaster, Pennsylvania where organic, non-GMO whole grain flakes are packaged for Shiloh Farms.

Spelt, barley, and kamut flakes look remarkably similar to rolled oats but have subtle nutty flavor differences which can liven up and energize a variety of breakfast and snack foods.

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Toasted Almond Corn Porridge Bread

I made this bread last weekend after my return from my business trip to Germany.  I wanted to try changing up my method for mixing the porridge bread a bit to see if I could get a better result.  832 more words

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Halloween Kamut-Spelt Potato Bread with Onions

           I wanted to bake a nice soft and flavorful bread but one with some healthy grains as well.  In went a soaker left for 24 hours in hot water comprised of grits, rolled oats and barley flakes.  558 more words

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Spelt Rye Multi-grain

  Fresh milled Spelt flour and Rye along with rye chops, cracked wheat and barley flakes were left to autolyse for 24 hours.  The resulting bread was an earthy, nutty wholesome bread perfect for sandwiches, grilled bread or just spread with some butter. 436 more words

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