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Road Raging

I went on a little ride when I got off work this evening then I cruised over to Shauna’s new office to meet her when she got off work at 5:30.   359 more words

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Tour de France 2015

I lost complete interest in bike racing when Leige Baston Leige ended and didn’t become a fan again until the Tour.  I watched hours of video from the cyclocross season with Flemmish commentators that I couldn’t understand, then I watched almost all the classics, then “poof” nothing.   670 more words

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Why Do Cyclists Break the Rules?

I was listening to Science Friday yesterday, yes I’m a nerd, and they had a short segment on cycling called, “Why Do Cyclists Break the Rules.”   375 more words


Torch Relay and Tough Ride

My friend Shon called a ride from John A Logan College today.  It was to be a 60ish miles and head towards the hills around Giant City.   200 more words

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The Way it Was and the Way It Is

I was kind of down Sunday about the way it is with my riding these days.  I work every Saturday, which is the traditional big ride day,  but that doesn’t really make much difference, all my “big ride” buddies have quit.   789 more words

Barn Door Cycling


Everyone’s a Pro Lawnmower:  Lawn mowing is such a big deal these days.  Whats with all this lawn mowing, and how did it become so cool?   587 more words

Barn Door Cycling

Look What I Got at GoodWill #5 Sweet Shoes and Sweeter Shirt

Shauna and I took a trip to St. Louis today since it’s her birthday week.  Yeah, apparently she gets an entire week, where I got half a day.   114 more words

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