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The VP A01 Machete Superbike

JC sent me a link to this bike the other day, at first glance I thought it was just another cheap knock-off time trial bike, but careful examination reveals it to be the king of knock-off time trail bikes.   129 more words

Barn Door Cycling

Dirty Benton Cyclocross

When I was in 3rd grade the Karate Kid movie along with many other martial arts films had all us kids jealous when a few lucky kids were enrolled in martial arts class.   942 more words

Matt Gholson

Behind the Yellow Trail Running Club

I’ve never liked running, it’s uncomfortable, it’s slow, and you never get a break.  A couple of years ago I was running almost every morning for a couple of miles and I would run trails every now and again, I ran just enough where I got to the point that I could run without great pain.   340 more words

Matt Gholson