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Why I like Bike Racing - 2016 Cyclocross World Championships

The reason why I like bike racing is probably the same reason most people like their favorite sport, unpredictability, but wait, there is so much more.   642 more words


Don't Underestimate the Jackwagon

You could eat healthy all the time, but then you could never enjoy a Jackwagon.  What’s a Jackwagon you ask?  Good question.  A few days ago Shauna her Mom and Dad, and I went to… 276 more words

Matt Gholson

Riding Land Between the Lakes and Meeting the Legend

A group ride at Land Between the Lakes was put together for Sunday.  The Canal loop and North/South trail there are pretty much known as the best mountain biking trails in the area.   347 more words

Matt Gholson

Back on the Zwift

The weather turned crap this week, rain, rain, cold, rain.  It’s expected, but always a bummer when the fall goes and our typical wet and nasty winter takes it’s place.   456 more words

Matt Gholson

Dirty Benton Cyclocross Clinic

It’s kind of strange, last year we had a Cyclocross meet and like 20 people came, it was 35 degrees, raining, and so muddy we could barely ride the course.   79 more words

Matt Gholson

Share the Trail, episode 1

This was tongue in cheek, and really not fair.  99% of horseback riders we meet are friendly.    The real thing to do when you see a horse is dismount and yield right of way to the horseback riders, giving ample communication to help them know your intentions.

Share the Trail!

Matt Gholson

Neighbors: Welcome to the Bunny Farm

My wife and I both grew up not exactly in the county, but definitely not in town.  We had substantial yards and good neighbors.  I lived at the end of a dead end road so we weren’t accustomed to strangers.   683 more words

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