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Barn Swallows

We have four baby barn swallows above our door.  They’ll fledge any day now (I hope) because Mom and Dad and their friends are not too keen on us sitting on the porch, and the chicks are making quite a mess of our entryway. 46 more words


Signs of summer

They dart around me as I mow my yard! Diving from the air to swoop in closely to the ground to catch their meal of insects stirred up from mowing. 266 more words

Building A Nest

The Barn Swallows building a nest, May 31, 2015, 7 am, “Building A Nest.” The Barn Swallow Mom is in the nest. The Barn Swallow Dad is perched next to the nest. 1,266 more words


This Old Bird Is Now On The Radar Screen Of His Children

The Honorary General telephoned yesterday afternoon to ask if I could pick up her new prescription on my way home from work. She reportedly is allergic to one of the eye drops she’s been taking twice a day for the past 2-½ weeks. 884 more words


Looking back at a Barn Swallow nest

Here’s a group of photos I took at a Barn Swallow nest, which was built on a light fixture in the covered portion of the parking lot where I work. 251 more words

Backyard Birding

The Explainer: Tiny condos by the Rideau River are for the birds

It seems you can hardly drive or walk along an Ottawa street these days with seeing a condo development that wasn’t there the day before. 288 more words

Local News

The Chorus

High in the barn’s eves is a little Barn Swallow family. Sounding loudly when a parent approaches, they sing for their supper.