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Ambassador Samantha Power Urges Young Women of Barnard College to Fight for True Equality

Do you long for true equality in our world?

Watch Ambassador Samantha Power, the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, address this issue in her commencement speech to Barnard College graduates that she gave last Sunday in New York City. 122 more words


The Athena Center for Leadership Studies

Hello all! Today, I’m here to talk about a really special part of Barnard: The Athena Center for Leadership Studies. This organization is really unique to Barnard and is part of what makes attending an all-women’s college such a valuable experience.  785 more words

The Moral Equivalence Contest's New Contenders

When confronted with some foreign evil, the American liberal has a strange impulse to insist something morally equivalent is wrong with his own country in general and its conservatives in particular. 929 more words


Reflections on My First-Year

Sometime before enrolling at Barnard, I scanned through Barnard’s academic calendar, and learned that each semester is only about 4 months long. I realized then that we technically spend two thirds of a year being a college student, which isn’t an awful lot of time. 789 more words

The Finals Are Coming! The Finals Are Coming!

~From your resident nerd: the upsides of finals!~

They’re here, folks! Everyone’s favorite time of year, when the weather is warm, the libraries are packed, and every student has a cup of coffee glued to her hand…finals! 610 more words

My Favorite Professors

Hello, everyone, and happy May! The weather is gorgeous here, the trees are in bloom, and finals are in full swing…if I’d gotten any reasonable amount of sleep last night, it would actually be a perfect day ;) 1,032 more words

The Magnolia Tree—Barnard through the Years

After what seemed like an endless winter, Barnard’s magnolia tree finally burst forth its pink, vibrant blossoms. Being a first-year, this was the first time I saw the famous pink flowers; flowers which also signal the arrival of spring. 748 more words