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Express your inner child!

Today at work we had a fantastic fundraising event (and I’m not just saying that because it was organised by myself and the other interns). The theme of the day was to act like a child which we thought was very fitting what with Barnardo’s being a children’s charity and there was cake involved…cake always makes a day better! 242 more words


Would you rather be an apple or a banana?

The title of this blog comes from my intern induction day at Barnardo’s, which was a month ago today! This month has really flown by but I thought I’d take a minute to reflect on my first month – and no I’m not interning in writing obscure ‘would you rather’ questions. 658 more words

Cambridge Theatre

It's the UK's National Breastfeeding Week this week

Breastfeeding. Nature’s way of feeding a baby (or a toddler if you’re me right now) is such a highly emotive topic. I subscribe to more breastfeeding Facebook groups that I can count and most days there’s an element of controversy highlighted. 412 more words


The Rise of the Discount Charity Shop..

It seems that more and more charities are opening up dedicated discount stores, whilst the concept has always existed they seem a lot more prominent on our high streets. 667 more words

Bruce Oldfield X Secret department store!

Bruce Oldfield, the man who ‘made Kim Kardashian look like a princess’ at the golden globes back in 2012 has some new tricks up his sleeve. 253 more words

Bargains by the sea

Temptation was all around me today. Brighton is a pretty cool place to be, its busy, bohemian, buzzing and …err… by┬áthe sea. I also like its green credentials, and now, especially, its charity shops. 342 more words