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To Buy or Not To Buy The Barnes & Noble Nook

Came across an interesting article on Washington Post where the editor-Rob Pegoraro shares his experience of the Barnes & Nobles Nook (that he did not buy but borrowed from one of his co-workers). 342 more words

Too Many eBook Readers Might Lead to Too Much Confusion

2010 is going to be flooded with too many ebook devices. Almost every electronics company, book retailer and publishers might launch their own devices. But would so many options leave all consumers happy and satisfied? 196 more words

Barnes & Nobles Nook Firmware 1.1 Speeds Up Things & Fixes Couple Bugs

The Barnes & Nobles Nook Firmware 1.1 seems to be speeding things up in turns of page flipping and navigation but I still find it slow and laggy compared to my Kindle 2.  14 more words

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