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Greek to Make a Man Puke

“The false quantities made by scholars would furnish a curious list. When Joshua Barnes desired his wife to devote her fortune to the publication of his edition of Homer, and at last persuaded her to do so by assuring her that the Iliad was written by Solomon, in the joy of his heart he composed some Greek hexameters. 51 more words


Olympic Studios, Café + Dining Room, BARNES (SW13)

Han: Previously a recording studio to Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Who and The Rolling Stones, Olympic Studios, Café + Dining Room nods to its rockstar history with a not-so-obvious 70s interior and a soundtrack to beat.  417 more words


Carry Ammo

A lot of money goes into advertising ammunition. Shiny packaging and fascinating photos always tell us how THIS round is far superior to that other round. 573 more words

Graham Baates

The Fixer

YA political thriller? Sign. Me. Up. Here is a book that will throw your head for a loop and shake your brain. EVERYTHING in this novel is a plot twist.   414 more words


It's Fair Time

It’s Fair Time

Do any of you live near or in London?  Or perhaps you are wondering this Saturday what you and or the children might do? 346 more words

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