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WALTER CHRISTIE designed and built outrageous race cars from 1904 to 1909. And the most outrageous was his last one, the 1909 racer that was later used by Barney Oldfield in the… 696 more words

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Motoring History: Ford 999 Ices A Record

Granted, the record didn’t last for long, but on this day in 1904 Henry Ford set a land speed record on the frozen surface of Lake St. 955 more words

Henry Ford

HE Believed in Himself... ... Henry Ford

Here is another man whom I respect a lot for His courage and determination in Himself! He knew he could do what no one could imagine, and he became a Success story ! 1,068 more words


2nd Fiddles - WIF Sidekicks

“Sherman My Boy, I am going to teach you about 2nd fiddles.” “But I don’t play the violin.” “I know.”

Famous Sidekicks

Like these…

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A bit about the name...

People often ask us where we came up with the name The Oldfield Victory. In the early 1900’s, Barney Oldfield was known for being the first man to go a mile in a minute in a car; although the 999 was a very different machine than your typical “car.” Here is a great article I found on Oldfield last night. 17 more words

A Brief History Of Goodyear Racing: Part I

As this was being written, it became very clear the history of Goodyear in racing had to be broken to into two time periods…BF for “before A.J. 938 more words

General Background

Blitzen Benz HP200 (1910) Barney Olfield

Blitzen Benz HP200 (1910)

Barney Oldfield

1:43 Brumm

17 март 1910 г. Barney Oldfield поставя нов световен рекорд на Daytona Beach, Florida, управлявайки 200 к.с. Benz, или по-известен като “Blitzen Benz”, със средна скорост от 211,4 км/ч на 1 миля разстояние. 49 more words