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Consider Some Of The Active Components Within Medicinal Marijuana?

The therapeutic and psychoactive results that we associate with medical marijuana are generated by distinctive chemical structures generally known as cannabinoids found in the actual plant. 1,006 more words

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Current Seed Run 2013

This cross features a male out of motarebels gear, a Green Manalishi. The male has tight and even nodal spacing, and when the stem is abrased he stinks of lemon pledge with a tinge of funky bottom. 242 more words

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Barney's farm cannabis seeds

Barney’s Farm Seed Company is a cannabis seed bank of marijuana seed breeders based in Amsterdam, well known for creating awesome and top-grade cannabis strains. 127 more words

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Red Dragon Chopped, Lasqueti Gold to Flower

Chopped the Red Dragon, maybe a couple of days early but it was showing some tiny seeds already so no problem.  Chopped.  It smells divine.  Did I tell you its a pretty strong stinky strain?  130 more words

A Concise and Objective Analysis of the historical past of Hemp For Medical Purposes

The history of grass for health-related reasons presents many contentious subject areas both in the clinical or scientific community along with everyday community. The situation of suitability of the therapeutic pot attempts to determine benefits in number of the medical settings. 564 more words

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A Quick and Objective Report of the background of Hemp For Health-related Purposes

History of grass for professional medical purposes offers a host of dubious subject areas both in the clinical or technological society plus everyday local community. The case of appropriateness of the therapeutic grass attempts to ascertain positive aspects in selection of the health environments. 573 more words

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