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Have you dined at this Pensacola Wendy's?

A Pensacola Wendy’s was named by the company as one of the restaurants hackers may have stolen credit card information from.

The Navy Boulevard location is named by the company’s website as one of the potentially affected locations, the only store in Pensacola.   83 more words


Wendy's: More than 1,000 Restaurants Affected by Hack

NEW YORK (AP) – Wendy’s says hackers were able to steal customer’s credit and debit card information at 1,025 of its U.S. restaurants, far more than it originally thought. 156 more words


Day One.

This is the beginning.  Currently, I am a twenty five year old mother of two rambunctious boys (S is almost 3 and J is 19 months). 205 more words

Having trouble slaying sin? Being unduly tempted lately? Check out these resources

Slaying sin is the daily responsibility of the Christian, in submission to the Holy Spirit, Who is the mechanism for its effectual execution.

John MacArthur said that if you are comfortable with your spiritual growth, that is a very dangerous place to be. 507 more words


This and that: some random thoughts

What kind of church do we want Cornerstone to be? Do we want to be a “Christian ghetto church” that withdraws from the community, concerned only about the people we have and those who happen to find us? 601 more words


How Credit Card Chip Liability Shift Affects You

(WOOD) — Even though a deadline has passed, not all stores have or know how to use credit card readers that accommodate new security chips — a difference that matters in terms of who’s held at fault in the event of a data breach. 272 more words