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We Might Be Seeing Spider-Man And We Know Why We Won't Be Seeing The Hulk In 'Civil War'

Ever since the announcement that Captain America: Civil War would be happening on the big screen, rumors have been swirling about which characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe are going to make an appearance. 410 more words


Daniel Brühl Teases Baron Zemo in 'CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR'

Daniel Brühl has managed to establish himself in Hollywood and in the big screen since Inglorious Basterds and The Fifth Estate, but now he joins the Marvel Cinematic Universel in the third film of  267 more words


No Mask for Baron Zemo in 'Captain America: Civil War'

In the first bit of truly bad news about next summer’s Captain America: Civil War, actor Daniel Bruhl revealed that his portrayal of Baron Zemo will be quite unique. 271 more words


Casting Call: Captain America: Civil War and Baron Zemo

in an earlier report On Screen: Captain America: Civil War has a villain and some questions we found out that Daniel Brühl (Inglorious Basterds, The Fifth Estate) was cast as Baron Zemo.   175 more words


Elizabeth Olsen Says Daniel Bruhl (Baron Zemo) Is Civil War's Main Villain

Elizabeth Olsen in a recent interview let it out that Daniel Bruhl who is playing Baron Zemo in Civil War is the main villain in the film. 192 more words

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Thunderbolts Classic Volume 1 Review

I haven’t read many comics from the Thunderbolts. Actually, this is probably the first collection that I’ve checked out from them. The concept is always interesting as it was a group of villains who banded together to act like heroes. 1,824 more words