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Using GSS Data to Illustrate Barplot Using R

To create a barchart we can extract a column from a data frame of the General Social Survey.

First download the data and codebook from  138 more words


another terrible graph

Le Monde illustrated an article about discriminations against women with this graph which gives the number of men for 100 women per continent. This is a fairly poor graph, fit for one of… 81 more words


Base Graphics in R

Few things to remember about base plotting system in R.

  1. You start with plot() function and build things up from there.
  2. If you wan’t to add things to the plot you use functions like text, lines, axis, points etc.
  3. 415 more words

Making a barplot in R

In previous posts, you have already learned how to make a frequency table or a contingency table for categorical variables. Although a table can be very insightful, things usually only get tangible when they are visualized. 883 more words


deaths on Mont Maudit (and bad graph)

A large avalanche on one of the most classical routes to the summit of Mont Blanc early yesterday morning alas caught several groups climbing towards Mont Blanc and most sadly killed nine of them, including the BMC former secretary Roger Payne. 153 more words


How to create bar plots in ggplot with equal bar widths despite zero values

When creating dodged histograms or other bar plots with ggplot, there will be a missing value for one level of the x axis variable. In this case, the width of the bars with missing values for the other variable level will fill up the space usually taken up by that other bar. 49 more words

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