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Google Trips- Best Travel App Ever?

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Have you heard of Google’s newest application, Google Trips? In this tips video we discuss if it is the Best Travel App… 25 more words

LIC Flea & Food- Discover New Food!

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Well, I just found a new weekend activity (April-October) in NYC that I am going to be taking my friends to. The… 59 more words

Rosarito Beach, Mexico- Party In Baja?

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I visited my parents this past week in Oceanside (North of San Diego), California. I really wanted to cross the border into… 227 more words

Chase Sapphire Reserve- The Best Credit Card for Travelers?

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What is the best credit card for travelers? The newly available Chase Sapphire Reserve wins hands-down. Watch my video above for the 5 reasons EVERY traveler needs one.

Rockaway Beach- An Escape from New York

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Are you looking for an escape from New York City inside of New York City? Rockaway Beach in Queens, is only an hour from downtown… 35 more words

Damian - Not my Father's Son by Alan Cumming

Along with Janice Galloway, Alan is one of Scotland’s best memoirists. Here is a story of brutal abuse, of living in terror and spiralling depression suffered years after. 82 more words


Mark - Maggie and Me by Damian Barr

Maggie and Me by Damian Barr was the first book that I downloaded to a Kindle. After succumbing to the (now cherished) device, I remember the feeling of impish freedom of nobody else knowing what I was reading (a feeling much more exciting than the reality). 75 more words