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The Dirt on Duel Of The Dead

Duel of the Dead was a spin on the zombie genre. I wanted to take what zombie fans knew about zombies and turn it around on the undead themselves. 415 more words

Food Source

NFL told Zimmer Stafford slowed up on sideline, flag shouldn't have been thrown. "I think I owe Anthony Barr an apology." #Vikings

— Brian Murphy (@murphPPress) September 23, 2015


Vikings 3 49ers 20 'We're not ready for primetime'

First team into training camp, first team to take to the field in pre-season, last team to kick off the regular season. 

It has been a long time coming, but finally… 1,657 more words


Adair Wants Coffee

This four-eared albino fox is wanting his coffee.


The Vikes could have the best D in the league IF...

The #Vikings could have the NFL's best defense this year if Anthony Barr and Eric Kendricks click. So much talent.

— Matt Miller (@nfldraftscout) July 9, 2015


Gerald Hodges named "Secret Superstar" by PFF [DailyNorseman]

As they usually do at this point in the offseason, the folks from Pro Football Focus are going through each team and naming a “Secret Superstar,” or a guy that might not be getting a lot of attention from the football-watching public at large but could play a big role in the team’s success during the upcoming season. 461 more words