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Barr | review | Copenhagen

Well, after a while my girlfriend and I decide to try this restaurant.

We make the reservation and we found the place really easy, it is in the city centre. 179 more words


Don't Ban This Filth! Screamin' Whisper Channel 70s Goodness

Are people in bands getting younger or is it just us? OK, it’s just us, but the youthful visages of Screamin’ Whisper really did have us reaching for the phone to dial the national truanting hotline. 149 more words

Is This Racism . . . ?

I don’t think I’d hear of Valerie Jarrett until CNN told me that Roseanne Barr had insulted her and lost her TV show as a result. 177 more words


Dear Ms. Barr

Gene Boyd went to the barber today. Inquired as to any recent news, for Gene is in the habit of completely ignoring the news as much as possible. 212 more words

Roseanne Barr is not the Criminal

All over the news.  A stupid racist.  However, she isn’t the guilty one. 172 more words


4,600 Dead In Puerto Rico, But Did You Hear About Roseanne?

President Trump tweeted today that he and his administration would be doing everything humanely possible to bring more aid to the American citizens living in Puerto Rico to avoid more loss of life… 393 more words


Donald Trump is Racist, and Promotes Racism in America

The 1988 victory of George Bush signaled the racism that permeated America.  The election of Donald Trump is evidence that thirty years later, racism in America is as much a problem as ever. 562 more words