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Best Beach in Cuba?

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Where is the best beach in Cuba? I explore a little known place named Playa Maria Aguilar just outside of Trinidad… 26 more words

World's Cheapest Michelin Rated Restaurant Hits up NYC!

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Tim Ho Wan has just opened up its doors in Manhattan, and the hype has been insane. The World’s cheapest Michelin rated restaurant (with the maximum plate at $5.50) has created a mega buzz in… 18 more words

Best Countries to Travel to in 2017?

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What are the best countries to visit in 2017? I break down my all-time 5 favorite countries and give you reasons why you NEED to visit them next year.

Best Way to Learn Spanish for Travel?

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Are you looking to communicate with Spanish speakers on your next trip? I have studied for 2.5 years online and my level has improved so much. 35 more words

How to Get Into Airport Lounges + Tour

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Do you hate long layovers at the airport? What if I told you their were places you could go to relax and enjoy free… 51 more words

OVERVIEW: Resource Development

THE BIGGER THE TOOLBOX THE BETTER THE RECOVERY……… Every disaster is unique. Determining the needs will define the resources to pursue.  PARTNERSHIPS,  DISASTER CASE MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS… 426 more words


The Vueling Airlines Saga-A Refund,a CEO, and a €500 Comp.

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             What would you do if your flight was cancelled and you were refused a refund by the airline? I had this very situation with… 32 more words