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Change of season: time to rejuvenate and re-nergise

Walking my little girl to pre-school last week in the pouring rain, I could see the miserable expressions on other people’s faces as they realised that summer is over and autumn has well and truly begun. 577 more words


#19 - Attend an Exercise Class that is Different

Barre Fit” – I thought this was a type of energy bar until my friend told me it was the craze amongst celebrities for toning and shaping their bodies. 444 more words


Using your Magic Circle for Hip and Leg Stretches

Joseph Pilates’ Magic Circle — sometimes called a power ring or fitness circle —  can be used as a handy prop to stretch your hips and legs. 793 more words


Homework Sequence: Simple Abs Part 3

This one is for my traveling peeps who need some spine movement. Create space between those vertebrae. Yes, Pilates moves like this can help you maintain your height! 163 more words


Homework Sequence: Simple Abs Part 2

Why break these moves off from Simple Abs Part 1? Straight Legs weigh more than bent legs and I wanted my peeps to keep that in mind. 183 more words


Homework Sequence: Simple Abs Part 1

This one is for my ongoing clients who requested a quick Ab sequence they could do over the holiday season or while traveling. 115 more words


There is always a good day around the corner....

What a great day today!  I am back!!  The headache and general malaise is gone…  I felt back to normal today- almost euphoric again to be back in my clean eating zone.   422 more words

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