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A barre n9ne 'barre-o-versary' of a different kind.

One year ago today, I stepped into the studio at barre n9ne, and taught my very first barre n9ne class.

As I stepped into the studio this morning, I couldn’t help but think back… 311 more words


The barre n9ne journey that just keeps getting better.

I don’t think there is a day that goes by where I don’t say how I love the barre n9ne studio, family, community, clients, approach, workouts or our team of instructors. 183 more words


A riff on the Friday Five!

I have a shitton of things swirling in my brain today for a post but as it’s been sort of a crazy day, and some of these aforementioned things swirling in my brain are half-baked, I thought I’d share a few musings for the day, a la a riff from… 464 more words


On recognizing opportunity and never looking back.

One year ago, my sister Jess and I stepped into barre n9ne studio for our very first class…

…and we’ve never looked back.

Two weeks later, we… 306 more words


Spreading the barre n9ne passion!

If the epic surprise party wasn’t enough, this weekend also included the grand opening of the new barre n9ne studio, (which just so happens to be a mere 3 miles from where I live), an event we’d all been gearing up for excitedly for weeks. 578 more words


What never gets old.

when someone ‘gets’ how amazing a barre workout is, the first time they experience a class. (hello this girl and this one too!)

when they look over and immediately ‘get’ what it means to… 327 more words


A busy life is a good life?

Seriously, when did my life get so BUSY all of a sudden? 

I woke up today to some super exciting news: my schedule for the ‘soft launch’ opening week at barre n9ne’s SECOND location (which just so happens to be miraculously located 5 mins from where I live!) next week!!! 836 more words