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The Murder of Kathleen Peterson

After a month-long blogging hiatus (thanks, spring break!), we’re back with a fresh case that’s produced one of the weirdest – but actually plausible – theories on whodunnit. 1,631 more words


... And An Old Friend

by Melanie and Jim

One morning in February we had an unexpected visitor. A great horned owl perched behind our house, fending off harassing crows with its dignified, quiet pose. 346 more words


Barred Owls and Beauty

A haven for creatures great and small, Whidbey Island harbors everything from orcas to osprey, humpbacks to hummingbirds

The abundance of wildlife can make the photographic possibilities seem overwhelming… 186 more words


The Feathered Feet of Northern Owls

Most owls have feathered legs, but the feet and toes of some owls, especially those living in colder, higher latitudes, are also densely feathered. The feathers keep the feet of these birds warm, allowing them to hunt where snow is on the ground and temperatures are very low. 92 more words

Backyard Wildlife

Yesterday, while getting dinner ready, I happened to look out my kitchen window while washing my hands at the sink.  Our backyard slopes upward and at the top of our yard to the right are some woods.   604 more words


March 4th

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

Looky what came in the mail today!

These greeting cards have been a project I’ve been working on all winter, and since I’ve finally gotten my Owl image, I had to get a pack. 12 more words

March 2017

Mom's Awaiting

Tucked in a tree sit two wise old owls.
Safe and warm….waiting.
Waiting for the sun to rise.
Waiting for the sun to set.
Waiting for the birth of their babes. 10 more words