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Barred Owl

I was delighted to find this Barred Owl perched over the bamboo pond yesterday morning. Reports from many of my photographer friends have been that the… 82 more words



A couple of weeks ago we looked at the Bald Eagle which is the National Symbol of the United States of America. Today we explore other Birds of Prey, various types of  197 more words


Tragedy in the Forest

Our elder cat, Scout, and I were lounging on the back porch yesterday afternoon having a heart to heart talk about the birds and the bees. 246 more words


Retiring, learning nature photography, and reprioritizing, with a lesson from my mom

Last Friday was the one-week anniversary of my retirement, and the start of the next phase of my education in  nature and photography. I drove down to Charleston, SC for a workshop sponsored by the Carolina Nature Photographers Association.   552 more words

Voices: Barred Owl | Cornell Lab of Ornithology

There are few sounds in nature as raucous as the calls of Barred Owls. Listen as The Cornell Lab’s Laura Erickson sets the scene.

A film from the… 68 more words


The American robin family is back to nest!

Last year a pair of American robins (Turdus migratorius) built a nest on the crook of our gutter. It seemed like an ideal location. It was sheltered by a large overhang, a raccoon or squirrel would have to shimmy up two stories of gutter pipe or shimmy almost horizontally down from the roof. 130 more words


Barred Owl Portrait

This morning the male Barred Owl did land in a sunny spot over the pond while he was hunting and I was in a good spot. 62 more words