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Niceville Florida Friend Sent the Blue Heron Photos - Guest Blog

Long time friend from Niceville,Florida, sent these beautiful photographs.  Also, blog readers he is looking to purchase a new camera with a longer lens and some stabilization but great for travel- not too bulky or heavy.   179 more words


Barred Owl Chicks Fledging

The fledging of flightless Barred Owl chicks takes place four or five weeks after they hatch. Typically they perch on the rim of the nest cavity before climbing to a nearby branch. 99 more words

Barred Owls on the Farm (and a Brief Discussion of Non-native Species)

They were screaming from the woods. Over and over the piercing, wheezy complaints were just audible from the garden. I noticed them first and told everyone else to listen. 1,411 more words


Growing up in the swamp

One last look at the baby barred owls growing up in the swamp back in April.

Bird Photography

Barred Owl Observer

Last week a friend mentioned witnessing a barred owl soar across the path where he and his dog took daily morning walks, land in a white pine tree, and stare down at them with its disk-like brown eyes. 206 more words


Home Delivery for Barred Owl Nestlings

Young Barred Owls are fed by their parents from the day they hatch until late summer/early fall. During their first two weeks, food is delivered by the adult male to the adult female, in a bill-to-bill exchange. 117 more words