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Seeing the wildlife around our home never gets old. We have barred owls, pileated woodpeckers, bald eagles, hawks and several other bird species. We have also seen deer but haven’t had to opportunity to get a picture yet. 17 more words


Barred Owl, Eastern Phoebe

Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge extends over the marshy remains of a large lake that existed in Northern New Jersey some 15,000 years ago. I don’t go there often, and today’s trip was the first in five years. 138 more words


Mating for Life

In five summers of shooting barred owls, I’ve never seen a mating pair together…until yesterday! 96 more words


Battle of the Predators - Cooper's Hawk versus Barred Owl

Who would win in a fight between a Cooper’s Hawk and a Barred Owl?  Hold that thought.  Now imagine it’s two owls versus one hawk.  Okay, proceed. 268 more words


Barred Owl Parents Providing Fledglings With Food

Young Barred Owls are fed from the time they hatch (four to six weeks old) until late summer or early fall, months after they have fledged and long after they are capable of flight. 155 more words

Fences, Neighbors and Owls

A pair of new neighbors moved into our woodlot this spring. We hear them calling on and off during the day while they are resting until they fly off for night work. 799 more words


Barred Owl Chicks Fledging

Unlike most young birds, Barred Owls fledge before they can fly. On average, they leave their nest when they are around eight weeks old, and don’t master flight until they’re about 12 weeks old. 185 more words