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Trying a Second Shot....

A little wing stretch. I spent hours watching every move this bird made.  I think I usually caught him after a meal because he spent a lot of time napping and preening – totally ignoring me except for the occasional “You still here Lady!!”  look.

Barred Owl


Our friend the Barred Owl was back and hunting early today. We missed him yesterday, but had a hawk come to visit us twice in his stead. 130 more words

First blog post

I have no idea what I am doing! But here is my first and most favorite photo at the moment.  A very cooperative Barred Owl.  I have several hundred images of him/her.

Barred Owl


Tonight around 930PM as dusk deepend my wife and I walked our dog in the pleasant evening coolness. A Barred Owl flew over our heads and landed in the very top of a conifer at Thomsen and NW Seventeenth Street here in McMinnville.


The Full Buck Moon - Newsletter No 3.

The full moon of July is sometimes called Thunder Moon because of the frequent thunderstorms this month. Certainly, after a hot, humid day, I enjoy a good thunderstorm to freshen the air and bring relief from the heat. 148 more words

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Growing Up

Young Barred Owl on the Hunt

Who Cooks for You?

This young Barred Owl was too focused on its hunt to pay much attention to me. 135 more words

Blue Jays and Owl


Walking up the road, near the top where it intersects with a county route, under the hemlock trees, the overcast day making all seem gloomy, moisture still dripping randomly from the dark heavy trees. 148 more words

Magic Moments