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nine tenor hoots

Heard a barred owl calling in the little canyon tonight: nine tenor hoots in a row, softly repeated. Crept stealthily closer, then watched its small dark shape detach from a branch and melt back into the woods.

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Tennessee Summer

The summer brings an oppressive, torrid hush over the wooded areas of Tennessee. Almost jungle-like, the only creatures present seem to be the incessantly droning cicadas and languidly flapping butterflies. 85 more words

Woodmont Natural Area - Tamarac, FL

A 22-acre natural area in Broward County with about 1/2 mile of trail, perfect for a short respite from life in the Tam. This place is 3 miles from my house so I use it when I just need to get out of the house for a minute or for jogging laps. 146 more words


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Being Harmony

Barred Owl: One Little Victory

“Celebrate the moment | As it turns into one more | Another chance at victory | Another chance to score” ~ Rush, “One Little Victory”

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