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And Then There Were no More Little Boys

The little cockerels have left the premises. All three of them. The Husband didn’t even realise I still had three until I told him. I was trying to explain the concept of chicken math to him. 956 more words


Egg production on our urban "farmlet" over time

Aw, who else graphs out the egg production of their chicken flock? Only an uber-nerd would do that. Guilty as charged!

I keep a tiny flock of chickens in our tiny southern California yard. 1,194 more words

Feathering Feather Babies

The feather babies are feathering up nicely so I’m starting to get a better idea of their colours. Well, some of them. I’m also getting some idea of who might be a boy. 1,068 more words


The Feather Babies go Exploring

Oh, look! It’s the feather babies! See, they are still alive. They are 1 1/2 weeks old now. Today, Frodo let them out and about into the big wide world past the woodshed for the first time. 1,268 more words


A Story of Feather Babies

If The Husband didn’t think I was a crazy chicken lady before, he surely does now. Anyone would think I was the one having babies. In preparation for the arrival of the feather babiesĀ I was nesting: tidying things up, making plans and getting everything ready. 1,982 more words

Garden Bits

Two Eggs

For the last three days we have been getting two eggs. One from Stripy and one from another chicken. We think it is Snowy.

The new egg is lighter in colour and much smaller. 11 more words

Barred Rock

Farewell to Legolas, One of The Best Chickens

I suppose I have to write aboutĀ the sad fate of Legolas. I gave her a very good shot at recovery from her paralysis but she just didn’t get any better. 609 more words