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Their Melting! Their Melting! | No, The Chickens Are Molting!

Summer came to a sudden stop here in the Pacific Northwest. The dramatic change in weather has shocked my garden, triggered trees to transform and drop their leaves and apparently has prompted the gals to drop their feather too. 183 more words


The Teenagers Strike Out on Their Own

Letting go is hard.

You can’t help but think back to when they were babies with sweet innocent faces. How they relied on you for food and warmth and love. 406 more words

Yula Update

I haven’t posted much recently due to being busy, but I wanted to check in with an update on Yula, our young hen with the bad leg/foot. 390 more words


News Alert: Wild Lane officially has chickens

watching little chicken butts waddle around and peck the earth is probably a new favorite pastime of ours. As of last weekend our coop became functional to house our chickens; which was good because I had purchased two on a whim from a classified add a couple days before. 422 more words



For those of you who have been following this blog, you know that my Buff Orpington attempted to off itself recently by jumping into a large tub of water.  588 more words



So back in the beginning of February I finally got to make that special trip I’ve been dreaming up since before we bought this house. It’s a trip that is planned for some homesteaders. 590 more words


And Now We Are Chicken People….

We have officially joined the ranks of “Chicken People”. It started out innocently enough, it was gorgeous outside even though it had snowed the day before and I got a great idea (better than my last idea…) to ride/walk over to the new shopping area in our little town for lunch and then stop by the farm store and look at the baby chicks with the boys and then make it home in time for Caedmon’s afternoon nap. 610 more words