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Breeds of chicken

We have 3 different breeds of chicken. They all get along with each other.
The White Sussex. The Sussex chicken is a dual purpose breed of chicken that originated in England around the time of the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43 that is a popular garden chicken in many countries. 153 more words



Yesterday we bought some fake eggs. We put them into the nesting box to teach the hens where to lay the eggs. By the night we bought the fake eggs the chickens had realised what they were, Stripey and Bluebell were sharing a nesting box and because it was so squishy Snowy went in her own nesting box so. 16 more words


In, Out - Shake it all about

Yesterday and today we have let the the chickens out to roam our garden.

Yesterday we let them out 1 hour before dusk. Stripey fell a sleep whilst standing and sitting outside and inside so she missed all the fun. 99 more words


Chicken Hospital

You know it wouldn’t be Twiglet Homestead without some chicken dramas. Who needs TV when I’ve got all the drama right here? Maybe I should just change the name of my blog and property to Chicken Hospital. 1,906 more words


Buying our chickens

Today we got our chickens from The Poultry Paddock (http://poultrypaddock.com/) in Newcastle Under Lyme. My mum had emailed Howard(the farmer) who had had lots of chickens for sale. 237 more words


The Post-Elrond Age

On Friday afternoon I bid farewell to Elrond the rooster. Elrond the beautiful. Elrond the nutso. It all happened pretty quickly in the end. I had a busy and cranky day as The Little Fulla wasn’t sleeping much and was getting into… 1,826 more words


I'm a Planet Too: A Diary of Half Pie's Reintegration

There isn’t a chicken on the dining table anymore. Half Pie, the six-week-old chick has been reintegrated into the flock. Who knew that minor injuries could cause such a hoo-ha? 3,315 more words