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Her Best Side

Almost one month old, our four barred rock chicks have entered the scraggly stage. They’re difficult to tell apart from each other, but this unnamed, young girl stayed calm for some poses. 9 more words

A word about chickens...

I’d be remiss if I didn’t provide a word or two about our chickens.  To be honest, we get no greater daily pleasure from the animals on the farm than we do the chickens.   1,445 more words

Flock Friday

This is “Rosie”and  I love her, didn’t expect to but her personality  is so comical, running as fast as her legs will carry her when she sees me, always expecting something and pecking my fingers regardless if I’m holding something for her or not. 162 more words

Valrico Farm

A Demonstration of True Love, Chick-Chick Style

Oh, how one of our Barred Rock chickens, “Chick-Chick,”  loves her man.

Her human man. So in this video, you’ll see Chick-Chick hustling across the farm for some TLC. 15 more words

Some Feathery Advice

When I have friends that decide to start their own backyard flock generally the first questions I get are about what kind of chickens to get. 1,203 more words

Crying big tears...chickens?

We lost Chickadee last night.

It was like I lost him twice; when we first discovered he had passed I was in a seizure cluster, so although I was sad and cried, I also felt entirely disconnected and numb. 449 more words


And Then There Were no More Little Boys

The little cockerels have left the premises. All three of them. The Husband didn’t even realise I still had three until I told him. I was trying to explain the concept of chicken math to him. 956 more words