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National Day of the Cowboy

This one I had to talk with my husband about.  A cowboy, technically, is someone who rides a horse in order to herd cattle.  He may also perform other ranch duties using the horse as his transportation.  243 more words

What a Great Weekend Looks Like.. 

Despite the title, the weekend started off pretty rocky. On Friday, I went to a barrel race and ended up being sick.

I’ve raced with broken bones. 651 more words

The good and the bad.

Where do I start? Thursday I rode Montana for about an hour and a half. We worked in the field and walked around the barrels. I got her to lope in both directions and she did not crow hop once. 856 more words

The Birth of the Legacy

Legacy by one, specific definition is a gift of property. After the passing of French Flash Hawk aka “Bozo”, it is uncontested that he has his own estate in barrel racing history. 471 more words

Starting on the barrel pattern or 8th Ponying lesson

Hello there! This afternoon it was hot but breezy and I hadn’t riden in like for ever so I put all of my tack and stuff into the back of the Kubota and drove out to where Ranger and Montana are currently pasturing. 748 more words

So let me tell you a little about Mary....

To say that Mary Burger is the hottest news this year in barrel racing after a clean sweep of the Pool A qualifiers and winning the Calgary Stampede and leading the world standings by $80,000, is no far fetch. 1,420 more words

Barrel Racing

Rockin' at the fun show!

Had an awesome time at the fun show! Got two 2nd place ribbons, two 3rd place and 4th place in barrel racing! Our barrel racing time would have been faster but when we turned and headed to the last barrel she went wide to the right. 127 more words