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Making Choices

With everything in life you have to make a choice and horses are just another part of making choices. Which saddle pad to buy, do you enter that barrel race or this rodeo, are you going to be gone all weekend or pick one to attend, how many shoes are you going to put on your horse all summer? 653 more words

Barrel Racing

Life of a Games Show

As a barrel racer you get spoiled, show up at 7 a.m., pay your entry fees, warm up, time only your three year old, time only your seasoned horse, wait for the tractor guy to work the ground, the arena crew to set the pattern and then you make your run and head to the next barrel race. 531 more words

Barrel Racing

"The American" Barrel Racer Dally Parker Visits Rural Radio!

12-year-old barrel racing sensation Dally Parker stops by the Rural Radio studios to talk about her remarkable success so far, and her hopes for this year’s “The American” rodeo.


I don’t try to collect bruises. It seems like bruises find me, scattering themselves across my skin like a macabre garden of flowers, shades of purple and yellow highlighting petals and leaves. 248 more words

Barrel Racing

February 2017: Blogging from the barn

Wow! Already a month into the New Year and it has thus far been one wild rollercoaster ride in America, at least politically and, as a result, social media wise. 1,124 more words

A letter to my fellow competitors 

Be brave, my sister. Yes, you, the woman who works full time in order to afford to chase her (your!) dreams. The woman who sacrifices a social life to drive 8 hours to season her colts. 106 more words

Barrel Racing

Life in the North as a Barrel Racer

Since December 1, 2016 eight barrel races I planned on attending have been cancelled because of weather. Not just snow but rain, ice, pass conditions, hazardous weather warnings, flood warning, and probably more. 549 more words

Barrel Racing