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You Can't Ride the Papers... or Can You?

Everyone that has bought or sold a horse or  that competes in any given discipline has heard the phrase, “You can’t ride the papers”.

It’s true! 596 more words

If Your Barrel Prospect Could Talk

I have this sweet, adorable, little two year old filly that I am in the baby stages of showing the barrel pattern to. I think she is the cutest filly in the world because she is MINE! 345 more words

How to RUIN Your Colt's Confidence in 5 Easy Steps

So you are looking for ways to quickly ruin your colts confidence? Good! You came to the right place! I have discovered 5 EASY ways to totally destroy your colt’s confidence, and it won’t take long! 565 more words

Barrel Racing

Let’s talk about barrel racing. Barrel racing is a huge sport where we are located in Central NY. I have lots of friends that race, and many times multiple days a week. 376 more words

Arena Footing

Riding Arena Footing For Each Discipline

So it’s time to update the footing at your horse facility. After extending the life of your arena footing in your indoor for a few years now but the footing has reached the point where it is constantly dusty, uneven, and inconsistent. 436 more words

Arena Footing

5 Ways to Improve Your Mental Game

In a sport where everything can come down to one one-thousandth of a second, you have to do what you can to gain an edge on your competition. 1,079 more words

Getting Back In the Arena

I haven’t shown my horse in over two years. I’ve ridden, sure, but there’s something completely different about being back in the show arena.
I am a barrel racer. 680 more words

Barrel Racing