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Rodeo and Rain

Today was the Special Kids Day at the Galveston Rodeo!

Today was also the day that the weather forecasters were totally wrong (again!), and while they promised that the rain would hold off until the end of the events. 425 more words


Day 14: Barrel Racing

Some people just don’t get it. They think spending money to run around three metal barrels is pointless. Before you jump to a conclusion about why we spend so much time playing in the dirt and wasting money on these “hay burners”, let me attempt to explain why us crazy horse people love what we do. 380 more words

15 Day Blogging Challenge

Choosing a Trainer

As of late in Social Media we have been witness to many bashing the way people train, or bashing those who are taking horses in for training amongst the usual he said, she said typical gossip and rants. 2,655 more words


You may be a Basic Barrel Racer.... If....

You may be a Basic Barrel Racer, if you are guilty of any of the following statements…

#1 You’ve ever taken a picture of a Starbucks Coffee with your horse trailer in the background. 160 more words

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Becoming a Cowboy?

There are thousands of professional rodeo athletes competing on a professional, semi-pro, and amateur level all over the country. In my part of the country there are hundreds at least. 806 more words

First Frontier Circuit


Generally, I am not a big treat giver. They can make horses become poushy and rude sometimes. Last November, I found some super cute treats on Instagram. 92 more words

Racer's Edge Review... A show of Authenticity!

When the Racer’s Edge show about barrel racing debuted several weeks ago on RFDTV I made sure that my DVR was set to record. The first episode which featured the ups and downs of life with Sherry Cervi was intriguing and compelling. 641 more words

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