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Barrel drinks

There are a lot of things in the breadth of the human experience that can be vastly improved by being enclosed within the confines of a plastic container whimsically shaped as a barrel. 550 more words


Rolling out the (new style) barrel

Mr Kevin Vitnell, of Wallsend, lowers a 10-gallon stainless steel keg into the cellar of a city hotel yesterday. Stainless steel kegs are gradually replacing the traditional wooden keg in Newcastle. 36 more words

NSW Hotels

Surviving Droughts Using Rain Barrels

Are you a gardener that has an unlimited supply of water? If yes, you are lucky. In droughts zones, lawn watering and garden rules are very constrictive to the healthy growth of plants and gardens. 630 more words


The storm created besutiful mini barrels on the mountain…


Lady Cadaver

Steady streaming

Robbing different frequencies

Steady holding the top sails

Pillage and recorded

Kept, to be replayed

Mind, remains at ease breifly

Wooden hall coated with a strong taste of salt… 149 more words