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Barrett Brown's New Platform to Unite All Seeking Justice

Barrett Brown is now working as a journalist for D Magazine, covering Dallas council meetings and local politics. Recently, he sat down with Reason TV… 608 more words


"Reap The Whirlwind." - Charles Johnson

Judge Neil Gorsuch was nominated and approved to serve in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals by a unanimous vote of support. Why is his nomination to the Supreme Court any different? 85 more words

Little Green Footballs

Journalist Barrett Brown on Prison, Leakers, and Private Intelligence Agencies

Often straddling a line between journalist and participant, Brown’s rise to prominence tracks that of the hacker collective Anonymous, perhaps best remembered for its campaigns against Scientology. 178 more words


Evidence that Michael Hastings, killed in mysterious car crash, 'knew' elements of CIA's 'Vault 7' ops

There is growing evidence that, prior to his tragic death in June 2013, award-winning investigative journalist Michael Hastings had been looking into material that formed part of what… 59 more words

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Video: Relatively Free

Journalist and activist Barrett Brown is released from prison after four years. On his drive across Texas to a halfway house, he discusses his extraordinary case and considers what the future now holds for him and other radical journalists. 45 more words

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The Release of Journalist Barrett Brown w/ Alex Winter

Filmmaker Alex Winter enters the Hawks Nest to discuss his latest documentary on the strange, fascinating and infuriating case of journalist Barrett Brown, the journalist who was jailed over the Stratfor hacking case. 7 more words