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MMP: Yellow streak (2)

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A Grand Chasm

Now this is kind of a fun tale of riches and poverty, isn’t it?  Sheez, Luke, let’s have some fun here with this lighthearted look into the Rich Man and Lazarus.  1,189 more words

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Shoes as Sutrah

A Sutrah is an object (pillar, wall, stick, spear, etc.), which must be in front of a praying person to act as a symbolic barrier between him and those passing in front of him. 201 more words


Mobile Assistant and Resource Companion (MARC)

This social initiative is centered around providing students with mental health issues with better access to counseling services by using conversation based assessments through an app to overcome barriers of stigma, accessibility and oppression.

Social Projects 2017

Overcoming Language as a Professional Barrier


Madhav Ranabhat said this word by pronouncing the latter part of the word as “ease.” The lady in front of him at Legal Sea Foods, Boston Logan International Airport, didn’t understand which sauce Ranabhat was talking about. 1,904 more words

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