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Suggestion for Wards in Ars Magica

“Wards” are not simple in Ars Magica, as many spells have straight forward effects using the guidelines while others are totally different. A ward in the core rules can be a protective and/or entrapping circular drawn circle which prohibits based upon intent, a more simple barrier, a personal shield against all elements of a form, or a damage absorption shield. 2,006 more words


A World Between Two Lives - 'Al #Barzakh' [The Barrier] (Part 1)

A World Between Two Lives:
”Al Barzakh”

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In the Old Testament, there were examples of people refusing to do what God said, because of their own reasons–barriers. Moses complained of his tongue, which means he was not the right person to be sent, according to his own view. 196 more words


To the Ends of the Earth!

To the Ends of the Earth!

Acts 13:47 – August 16, 2015

Every month, St. Luke’s Church has a Church Council meeting to deal with the everyday business of running the church. 1,715 more words