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Coral, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia. I’m in awe of the quality of the pictures taken with a Kodak disposable underwater camera. My snorkelling and flippering skilled left a lot to be desired.


100 Words- May 19, 2015

Yesterday’s question, “Space was created by the Big Bang and continues to expand, but into what? into where?”, is not, at least to my mind, a foolish question. 75 more words


Clutched soul !!!

This soul is trapped in the

clutches of this world.

The hard work never shared,

never taken to the uproar.

The silence is demeaned and  90 more words


Tube Etiquette

Is these such a thing as Tube Etiquette, is there a book or should I write one. Or is it just good social skills required. Why do I ask, well waiting for the train today having just missed one, the platform was relatively empty so stood close to the yellow line waiting for the next one. 456 more words


Drop Your Baggage!

How can you receive love with all that baggage?!? The only way to receive love is with an open heart and open arms. If you want love in your life, drop your baggage. 41 more words