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Barriers to Development (Hello Friends)

Good Evening friends, colleagues, and gamers from around the world. Welcome to my new Web platform – Higher Ed Gaming. I, The Higher Ed Gamer will utilize this platform to host information about myself, reviews of titles, reviews of books, and original ideas of how to use games as an artform or medium to affect human development and broaden our understanding of the human condition. 224 more words


Nothing For Love (Review)

In one post, I talked about how our love towards God is nothing compared to His towards us. When we were minding our own selves and were in sins, God loved us and died for us. 481 more words


Be a Bright Spot in Other's Days

Random acts of kindness lead to regular feelings of happiness. When you go out of your way to help someone else, you walk away feeling good. 545 more words

Illness and Isolation

Prolonged illness almost always equates to isolation.

Initially, kindness reveals itself through visits from friends and coworkers, meals dropped off, and many offers to help in any way.  344 more words


Do not feel you are missing something by not sinning

Lindsey Maestas felt she was missing something every time she sinned.  Although she gave her life to Jesus when she was 19, she had loved Him and failed Him ever since.  455 more words

Are You the Root Cause of the Conflict?

Hello, Dear Readers! Let me continue the discussion about conflict that I started last Sunday. Today, let me share with you what are the sources of conflict. 429 more words

Public Administration

How Long Does It Take To Change

“It’s not working!”

How many times have I heard that before? Frustrated, disillusioned and emotionally drained clients can quickly lose hope when things get worse before they get better. 406 more words