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A Mental Wall

it’s too easy to build a mental wall

a barrier to all things big and small

when we get carried away with ideology

and the politics of the day… 66 more words


New Ideas

“Ideas come when we are seeking freedom. We cannot live in a closed reality. We must find new ways of meeting one another so as to become free of the restrictive identities and barriers that keep us apart.” 7 more words

My struggle with kindness

Do you practice kindness?  I know it sounds pretty odd but this whole kindness business is getting under my skin.  The reason is really simple. I’ve witnessed time and again an unintended consequence of kindness that I find damaging, particularly to women. 891 more words

Observations On Transition

Alabama and Melinda Gates

From a Google Image Search – Wired

It could be a coincidence that I began reading Melinda Gate’s book The Moment of Lift while Alabama men were busily using bogus science to break an American law that has given women control over their own bodies for the past 40 years, but I think other forces might have been in motion in the universe. 1,071 more words

Government And Politics

Perfect Pairing visits Korea

Although much in the news lately, I’ve seen very few picture books written in English about North Korea and South Korea. Following are two recent ones that I’ve enjoyed reading, as I learn more about the fascinating history of this divided peninsula. 719 more words

Perfect Pairing

Language – The Bridge??

I always thought that languages were meant to bridge barriers, they were the means to ease communication between people. I thought if two individuals shared a common language, they would find it natural to start talking to each other. 450 more words

Get creative!

Break down barriers

This week, on my Freedom-Writing facebook group page, I’ve been posting a daily inspirational quote on the subject of dreams. I used a series of well-known quotes for the first four days, and today, after reading a post made by a writer friend on facebook, she ended with a piece of advice which I requested to share. 570 more words