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Review of "An Honest Man" by Simon Michael (Published by Urbane Publications)

Honest to goodness quality

An exceptional novel by an exceptional writer. Charles Holborne is an utterly convincing and compelling fictional creation – I came to have the same sense of attachment to this honourable yet beleaguered barrister that I have for characters such as Philip Marlowe or Maigret. 423 more words


Life at the Bar - Boundary Disputes

Articled Clerks always get the worst jobs in the office. On my first day in the office amongst the files I was given was one very thick bundle of papers. 506 more words


Very Brave indeed

When your Profs professor says you’re “very brave” to be becoming a Baby Barrister, in a tone which suggest it is not bravery she is actually thinking…. 27 more words


The Baby Bar

Realising that a large majority of those likely to come to this blog will be, more often than not, overly keen law students looking for any information about their exciting new career, it seems appropriate to explain what The Baby Bar is to those who do not know. 426 more words


Will the Citizen have access to the legal profession? Not if the Big Corporations have any say about it!

I qualified as a solicitor in 1980. I had no connections in law at all and if it wasn’t for the endeavours of my late father, I couldn’t have pursued my legal studies. 1,038 more words


Simon Walland

Simon Walland, McKenzie Friend is a special case, he would hold out himself on his facebook page and website as a “Non-Practicing Barrister”. This in itself was incredibly dubious as to whether he had been disbarred by the Bar Standards Board or voluntarily left Chambers, after all a Barrister would likely earn a decent wage packet, most definitely more than a McKenzie Friend would. 1,150 more words

Why Did NO Solicitor's Or Barrister's Help Me With My Case When My Life And Healthcare Depended On It And They Could See My Life Was In Danger?

Because there was more money FOR THEM AND THEIR ORGANISATION’S from the NHS and INSURER’S, if they DIDN’T TOUCH IT.

Or, if they knowingly and willingly committed the deliberate fraud of it…to make it look like they’d dealt with the case and paid me what the NHS/INSURERS legally owe me and then laundered the money in as many ways as possible (after taking their illegal share from the fraud’s of course), to TRY and make tracing it ALL as difficult as possible. 175 more words

A Whistle Blowers Diary