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My Weekly Spock - Nimoy on 87th Precinct: The Very Hard Sell

Here’s some great production pics of Leonard with actress Charlene Whitman  as guests on the series 87th Precinct.   He played a mysterious murderer/con artist Barrow and she was his conflicted girlfriend, Stella,  in the episode… 138 more words

Leonard Nimoy

Hob on the Hill

Another feature named after hobs, those mysterious dwarf like creatures that inhabit the moors. This limestone boundary is just a few hundred metres from Hob Cross the subject of… 48 more words

Boundary Stone

Castration is not fun

Well, I found a great neighbor that showed me how to castrate my piglets.

It wasn’t fun, but I feel at this point that it is a necessary aspect of pig husbandry. 272 more words

C-7 Visiting Dz Yun’s Parents–part two–

Not long after they waited, a young man pushing a three wheel barrow with a white fair old lady sitting on one side and some luggage on the other side. 704 more words

Everlasting Blossom



An ancient grave mound; barrow.

After hours of going around in circle in the Meridian Forest, Paul and Becks stumbled upon a tumulus in a clearing.


Going Neolithic in't Derbyshire

Sunday 13th September 2015

As if I hadn’t already crammed enough in to my main day of hiking, away in Derbyshire; as the post-summer sun began to dip beyond the hills, I made one penultimate stop before arriving back at my tent; guided by the earth-coloured signs of… 733 more words


Dear Don XLIX

Dear Don,

The odd thing is that although the starting point for Erin made absolute sense at the time… I can barely grasp how at this point. 316 more words