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Three Hours in Utqiaġvik

By Tim Akimoff

The C-130’s shadow moved over the sea ice like a thundering storm cloud, as two Coast Guardsmen opened the rear of the plane to reveal the vast expanses of white nothingness below us. 1,886 more words

Voices Of August

Going back.

My earliest memory is being carried on my father’s shoulders across the Barrow bridge that led from County Kildare into County Laois, the river being the border. 495 more words


pile weapons by the bodies,
the spears might not last long
but the swords’ll stick the journey.

helms, arms and armour. a smattering
of coins, badly printed faces, in case… 18 more words


Gristhorpe Man

William BESWICK senior was 54 years old when, this day 1834, he invited some friends from the Scarborough Philosophical Society to open up a burial mound on his estate. 466 more words

Local History

In the Arctic Ocean, an Alaska Native corporation seeks to fill void left by Shell

When Shell aborted its $7 billion Arctic drilling efforts in the Beaufort Sea in September 2015, environmentalists breathed a sigh of relief. The multinational corporation’s 28-vessel fleet, including its drillship and drill rig, … 1,537 more words


A Good Run Around

I bet there are a few sore legs tonight, fans had to stand for 90 minutes to watch Rovers beat Barrow 2-1 this afternoon. Yes, pre season has officially kicked off for the fans, as they got to see some new shiny kits on some new shiny players. 340 more words

Explosions in the Arctic: Mining gravel in Alaska

It’s the Fourth of July in the United States of America, which means fireworks and explosions galore. That means the time is ripe to discuss explosions in the Arctic, from dynamite detonations in Alaska to crater eruptions in Siberia. 858 more words