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Wrexham v Barrow: A Fresh Start

It is one of the worst things a football fan can do. After the journey to the ground and pre-match chat about team news and form, it’s time to enter the stadium and watch the eagerly awaited action unfold. 541 more words


Warmth under a grey sky

Monday: Barrow to Wyke. An overcast afternoon – the air’s cold, but there’s just the lightest of breezes away from the most open ground. The warmth is in the colours in the hedgerow. 20 more words


Back to flannel lined Carhartts

The Pond has frozen

Temperatures this morning were in the low teens here, and the wind has not stopped howling since early Sunday. It made for a rough day out there, as I attempted to frame a deck in, while trying to keep the lumber from blowing away. 168 more words


Utqiagvik By Any Other Denali

I live in Barrow, Alaska.

Wait a minute. No I don’t.

I live in Utqiagvik, Alaska.

It turns out that the town of Barrow has elected to change its name to Utqiagvik… 2,944 more words


Around the estate: Barrow, Willey and Shirlett

They sound like a firm of solicitors, don’t they? Wednesday afternoon: we’re walking around the Willey estate. Sadly, there are few public footpaths through this pleasant patch, and a significant part of the route is on roads – very quiet ones, apart from the B-road from Barrow. 95 more words


Barrow, Shropshire

The Church of St Giles, Barrow, Shropshire

Photo taken : 02 October 2016

Google map : https://goo.gl/maps/o8YKZU


Domestic Travel before I Die

I don’t plan on dying any time soon but bucket list in my opinion is a good thing to have, not so you can just rush through life checking things off a list but rather so you can sit down and thoughtfully come up with things you’d like to experience and over the course of your life make a conscious effort to do them. 900 more words