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Sully Baseball Podcast: Searching for the Great Mets and L.A. Dodger Slugger - September 8, 2018

While at a rest stop traveling up the 5, I realized that neither the Mets nor the Los Angeles Dodgers have a franchise defining offensive superstar. 74 more words

Sports: Greatest Family Duos, Trios... or The Gronkowski's..

Growing up around the bright lights of a major league event plays a major role in any young athletes life. Watching your dad/mom compete on the biggest stage is something that stays with you. 1,344 more words

Baseball Hall of Fame and Yadier Molina’s place in it

There has been some buzz lately regarding Yadier Molina and whether or not he’s a Hall of Famer with concerning variations as to his place in it. 1,536 more words

Barry Bonds

MLB Week in Review (August 10-16)

It is a strange time in the MLB as there are a lot of teams just trying to get through the end of the year. 1,130 more words


Swinging Rearward and Up vs. Swinging Down. Taking an old theory to the woodshed.

You will be hard pressed to walk around a baseball field 5, 10 or more years ago (and in many cases still today sadly) and not hear a few coaches teaching kids how to hit and mentioning things like “Take your hands straight to the ball”, “knob to the ball” and “swing down, it creates backspin”. 1,322 more words


Headline Sports with London Marq: What else will happen if Bonds gets elected to Hall of Fame?; How big was Terrell Owens' mistake?; Braves' Acuna accomplishes a great feat; plus more

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On Headline Sports with London:

#1 Barry Bonds, who had his number retired by the San Francisco Giants last week, unofficially launches the campaign to have the former outfielder bid for the Hall of Fame. 288 more words