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Weather To Watch

As showers become more prevalent Monday night into Tuesday, the pollen levels will drop a bit so that is great news for everyone who is allergic to tree pollen. 316 more words


The Warmth Exits

After a couple of warm days this week, it looks like the rest of the month will get blue squares meaning below average temperatures. April will still likely go into the record books with a mean temperature slightly above average which is close to April of 2014 which was flat. 286 more words


Race In The Rain

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s all about the timing. A week ago, the timing revealed that yesterday’s weather should have occurred today. In other words, the systems accelerated a bit so a protective ridge of high pressure moved out more quickly. 308 more words


It's About Time!

Finally, we are being rewarded for enduring a relentless harsh winter filled with record snowfall and insane cold. It is so great to enjoy outside activities again. 425 more words


Spring Setback

While warm spring weather has been blossoming across much of the country for several weeks, colder than average conditions have lingered in the Northeast all the way down to the Nation’s capital.  476 more words


April Warmth Beckons

While most yearn for the real warmth of spring, this was the tenth consecutive weekend containing snow which added to the seasonal totals in the region! 573 more words


Cycles Of The Weather Engine

There is an amazing connectivity between the oceans and the atmosphere. Through extensive research over the past two decades, brilliant scientists/meteorologists have discovered many fascinating global factors that control our climate. 559 more words