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Summer Is Over??

From Skyfall, “this is the end-hold your breath and count to ten”. No, not true. This is just the final day of August and the ending of so-called Meteorological Summer comprised of the months of June, July and August. 453 more words


Heat Wave Watch

BOSTON (CBS) – It hasn’t happened in over two years in Boston. The odds favor it will happen Monday.

What is it?

It’s a heat wave which consists of 3 consecutive days at 90 degrees or higher. 369 more words


Meteor Showers & Meteorological Showers

This is a week that I always look forward to because it contains the Perseid Meteor Showers. Check this link to Sky & Telescope Magazine for more information. 571 more words


What Does The El Nino Mean For Us?

Yesterday was definitely a July anomaly for eastern New England as high temperatures maxed out 6-14 degrees below average for July 25th. Boston’s high was only 69 degrees! 600 more words


Something For Everyone

This is where it all began yesterday. Towering clouds over Lake Winnipesaukee blossomed into roaring thunderstorms which tracked east-southeastward into western and southern ME. Training of storm cells along the same track resulted in hours and hours of frequent dangerous lightning, flooding downpours, bursts of wind thankfully with little or no rotation and some large hail in spots. 377 more words


Summer Heat And El Nino

Boston’s maximum temperature yesterday failed to attain 90 degrees again. The atmosphere supported 91 for the high but it is possible that residual smoke from the Canadian wildfires plus a rather wet ground from recent rains contributed to the failure. 668 more words


Summery Weather For Vacation Week

Canadian wildfires have contributed to the stunning colorful sunsets lately. Very hot and dry conditions have sparked numerous fires in the Pacific Northwest over the last few weeks. 524 more words