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War Games

here we share a fascinating memoir from John Griffiths, a new writer to us; her john reminsces about his post war childhood, and the games he and his friends used to play: 881 more words


Ampthill LitFest 2016

A couple of months back I got a text from my brother. ‘Are you the one who mentioned that you like the author Chris Brookmyre?’ 1,354 more words


Now screening: a gay porn film with no script not written by Sir John Gielgud

“So what we are talking about here,” I said to David McGillivray in the Soho Theatre Bar yesterday afternoon, “is a script that you filmed – a sleazy, gay, hardcore porn film and you have conned some very respectable performers like… 904 more words


Nevermind Watchdown: S12E9

I’m not exactly sure what to make of this one. Barry Cryer’s here, and he helped give us one of the more boring episodes of QI in recent history. 450 more words

Nevermind Watchdown


I do a lot of after-dinner speaking, and a lot of it consists of jokes, which are of course in the public domain. The audience just hears jokes, but we, all of us, at some point, write some material for ourselves and I had a particular section — five or ten minutes’ worth — that was known to be mine and that’s what I did.

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Arthur Smith says Jimmy Carr is "working on a comedy algorithm"

As Kate Copstick is still in Kenya, I was joined for this week’s Grouchy Club Podcast – in a Soho alleyway – by comedian Arthur Smith… 682 more words


Bloodbath At The House Of Death (1984)

Kenny Everett is a perhaps rather forgotten English institution. Starting off on pirate radio in the 1960s, he was a friend of the Beatles; his love of comedy and performing characters on the air made him a national celebrity, and he was given his own long-running TV show (sketches, musical numbers) along with his constant radio work. 859 more words