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Like bacon? You will be paying more (willingly) after hearing this audiobook. 97% of pigs are raised on factory farms, and although these pigs have the same intelligence as three year old humans, their existence is a living hell: Literally dunked alive into boiling water after living in feces their entire lives inside cages too small for them to turn around. 64 more words


Pig Tales: Must Read

Pig Tales by Barry Estabrook is a “must read” book for eaters, farmers, and anyone who even remotely cares about sustainability.  Estabrook covers the very best and worst in the lives of modern day pigs and the farms that raise them. 227 more words


Book Review: Tomatoland (2011) by Barry Estabrook

I recently read Tomatoland by Barry Estabrook. This book, the Common Read for all University of Idaho freshmen, gives a history of tomatoes and discusses the impact of tomato growing in Florida today. 417 more words

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Scholar's Symposium: 3 Days Away!

We can’t wait! The Scholar’s Symposium featuring Barry Estabrook, Greg Asbed, and Gerardo Reyes Chavez is just 3 days away.  Be sure to be there and bring a friend.   91 more words

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The Importance of Crop Diversity

Modern crop and livestock varieties are often bred for their yield, disease resistance, uniformity, and ability to withstand shipment. Our large-scale food system needs a productive, pest-resistant, shippable crop to feed a huge and widespread population. 1,143 more words