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Royal Variety Performance 2016

Running all the Backline at the Royal Variety performance alongside Aaron Alexander. Always a pleasure.

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Love So Right - Bee Gees

Chart Position: 3

  • Written by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb
  • Lead vocals: Barry Gibb
  • Backing vocals: Robin and Maurice Gibb
  • Keyboards: Blue Weaver
  • Produced by Bee Gees, Albhy Galuten and Karl Richardson
  • Recorded in Miami FL
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Warm Ride - Rare Earth

Chart Position: 39

  • Lead vocals: Pete Rivera
  • Written by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb
  • Produced by John Ryan
  • Recorded in Detroit MI
  • This song was written by the Bee Gees for Rare Earth…
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Anatomy of THE Groove: "Jive Talkin'" by The Bee Gees

The Bee Gee’s had run their intricately constructed baroque ballad formula to the point of exhaustion by the mid 70’s. After a string of albums with only a moderately performed commercial performance Barry,Maurice and Robin Gibb regrouped with their producer at the time Arif Mardin to record an album in the style of the American R&B artists Mardin was producing,and that they were listening to at the time. 342 more words


the BEE GEES: We're in it for the music - DISC & MUSIC ECHO - DECEMBER 16, 1967

Barry Gibb: “Look at the flower power music for example. So many groups have tried to sell songs telling the world to love each other but you can’t do this when the world’s fighting each other.”