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The Up-Down--Barry Gifford

“In ancient times,” writes Barry Gifford, “various societies, including the Irish, Chinese and Indo-European cultures, believed there were five directions: North, South, East, West and the Up-Down, which represented the navel or center.   729 more words

Reviews By Lucy And Todd

3 things about David Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY

Lost Highway

1. Renee and Sheila both wear black nail polish.
2. Worn out red armchair.
3. Brains on the sand.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 3 other things.

Cult Classic Valentine and Barry Gifford

On Valentine’s Day at 2PM, the South San Francisco Public library is showing a screening of Wild at Heart.                A great V-Day date movie.  96 more words

Public Library

Three Reads w/ Justin Grimbol

Justin Grimbol and I throw back bottles of chili sauce at a dive outside town called The Bonkness Monster. We’ll be here all night and he calls me “Lula” and I call him “Sailor” and for awhile this place is like a hot tub jailbreak on fire. 1,022 more words


The Lynch Ledger-Entry Five: Wild at Heart (1990)

Possibly where David lost his mainstream followers for good. Ironically, he was actually at the peak of his powers by this point. But it soon all came tumbling down in a heap. 1,286 more words


Why I Love... #68: Lost Highway

Year: 1997*

Director: David Lynch

Stars: Bill Pullman (Fred Madison), Patricia Arquette (Renee Madison / Alice Wakefield), Balthazar Getty (Pete Dayton), Robert Loggia (Mr Eddy / Dick Laurent), Robert Blake (Mystery Man), Gary Busey (Bill Dayton), Natasha Gregson Wagner (Sheila), Richard Pryor (Arnie). 1,508 more words

Why I Love...

3 things about David Lynch's WILD AT HEART

Wild at Heart

1. “Speakin’ of Jack, One-Eyed Jack’s yearnin’ to go a-peepin’ in a seafood store.”
2. He doesn’t even flush.
3. Chunks of vomit in her hair and on a corner of her mouth.

3 other things.