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Behind the sounds of ROY'S WORLD.

Over the weekend I had the immense pleasure of working with a brilliant ensemble of musicians to lay down the score for ROY’S WORLD. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to collaborate in this way: working with a composer and a band to shape the tone and mood of the music during the early stages of a project. 136 more words

Run through.

A few shots from last night’s rehearsal. We head into the studio today! 15 more words

Update: the sounds of ROY'S WORLD.

Jason Adasiewicz and I (but mostly Jason) have been hard at work on the soundtrack of my forthcoming documentary Roy’s World: Barry Gifford & Chicago… 95 more words

A new tale for Xmas from Barry Gifford.

In 2009 Chicagoist posted “The Starving Dogs of Little Croatia,” a newly written Christmas story by Barry. Seven years later and the annual tradition continues with… 11 more words

Carrying on.

I’d like to share a moment from an interview I did with Barry Gifford earlier this year that will be used in my upcoming film ROY’S WORLD: 261 more words

Update: the sounds of ROY'S WORLD

Last night Jason Adasiewicz and I met up to discuss the soundtrack of ROY’S WORLD, which is moving forward quite nicely.

We’re cooking up some really cool ideas. 98 more words


Episode 14 of the White City Cinema Radio Hour sees¬†me¬†interviewing Chicago-based filmmaker (and Cine-File critic, and my pal!) Rob Christopher about his debut feature film, PAUSE OF THE CLOCK, ahead of its… 93 more words