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Here’s a new Halloween story from Barry Gifford: “Dark and Black and Strange.”

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10 weeks of new stories.

I’m really proud of this. I just edited a series for Chicagoist called “Fridays with Roy,” ten weeks of new stories by Barry Gifford. And when I say new, I mean most of them were written over the summer.   23 more words

The Up-Down--Barry Gifford

“In ancient times,” writes Barry Gifford, “various societies, including the Irish, Chinese and Indo-European cultures, believed there were five directions: North, South, East, West and the Up-Down, which represented the navel or center.   729 more words

Reviews By Lucy And Todd

3 things about David Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY

Lost Highway

1. Renee and Sheila both wear black nail polish.
2. Worn out red armchair.
3. Brains on the sand.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 3 other things.

Cult Classic Valentine and Barry Gifford

On Valentine’s Day at 2PM, the South San Francisco Public library is showing a screening of Wild at Heart.                A great V-Day date movie.  96 more words

Public Library

Three Reads w/ Justin Grimbol

Justin Grimbol and I throw back bottles of chili sauce at a dive outside town called The Bonkness Monster. We’ll be here all night and he calls me “Lula” and I call him “Sailor” and for awhile this place is like a hot tub jailbreak on fire. 1,022 more words