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9 weeks of stories.

The ninth story in Chicagoist’s series of new stories by Barry Gifford just went online. Read the whole lot at Fridays with Roy. The series concludes next Friday with his annual Christmas story.


Here’s a new Halloween story from Barry Gifford: “Dark and Black and Strange.”

Check out the other stories in the Fridays with Roy series.

10 weeks of new stories.

I’m really proud of this. I just edited a series for Chicagoist called “Fridays with Roy,” ten weeks of new stories by Barry Gifford. And when I say new, I mean most of them were written over the summer.   23 more words

The Up-Down--Barry Gifford

“In ancient times,” writes Barry Gifford, “various societies, including the Irish, Chinese and Indo-European cultures, believed there were five directions: North, South, East, West and the Up-Down, which represented the navel or center.   729 more words

Reviews By Lucy And Todd

3 things about David Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY

Lost Highway

1. Renee and Sheila both wear black nail polish.
2. Worn out red armchair.
3. Brains on the sand.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 3 other things.

Cult Classic Valentine and Barry Gifford

On Valentine’s Day at 2PM, the South San Francisco Public library is showing a screening of Wild at Heart.                A great V-Day date movie.  96 more words

Public Library