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PAUSE OF THE CLOCK at Transistor Chicago

It is my great pleasure to announce I’ll be introducing a FREE screening of my friend Rob Christopher‘s fascinating 2015 meta-film Pause of the Clock… 237 more words

Chicago Movies

To juxtapose is to connect: Marianna Milhorat joins ROY'S WORLD.

I am thrilled to announce that Chicago-based filmmaker Marianna Milhorat will be editing Roy’s World: Barry Gifford & Chicago. I first came across her work earlier this year when I attended Chicago Film Archives’ annual… 219 more words

Perdita Durango

*Originally written in 2003

Based on Barry Gifford’s novel, Perdita Durango follows the exploits of the mysterious, dark, sexual creature of the same name- a woman with a violent and criminal past (who incidentally pops up for a few scenes in… 512 more words


A fantastic evening!

I’d like to thank everyone who made the show such a success! Especially Keefe Jackson and Mike Reed, who joined the lineup late in the game and still delivered killer performances. 56 more words

a new interview with myself and co-producer Michael Glover Smith.

Check it out! In advance of the super awesome Constellation show on Saturday, WDCB’s Gary Zidek talked with us about Roy’s World. It’s also your first chance to hear Matt Dillon’s narration as well as more of Jason Adasiewicz’s cool tunes!

Tax deductible and ready for action.

I am excited to announce that my documentary project Roy’s World: Barry Gifford & Chicago has entered into a fiscal partnership with IFP Chicago. Why is that exciting? 150 more words