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White Sands, Black Lodge

Note: This post discusses details of last night’s episode of Twin Peaks.

Before the premiere of the third season of Twin Peaks, I occasionally found myself wondering how it could possibly stand out in an entertainment landscape that it had helped to create. 1,079 more words


3 things about Matt Dillon's CITY OF GHOSTS

City of Ghosts

1. Still holding the child, Gerard administers a beatdown.
2. For $5 he buys back his own sunglasses.
3. “Car good. Road bad.”

What TWIN PEAKS means to me.

As a young teenager who was already movie obsessed but just beginning to think seriously about making them, two separate events occurred that changed everything for me. 360 more words


Born in Glencoe, Illinois, as a young actress Lili had a brief stint at DePaul University and also spent some time training with Del Close. In other words, she’s perfect for a documentary about 1950s-era Chicago! 178 more words

Some exciting news about my documentary ...

coming soon. Roy’s World is about to add another narrator. Keep your eyes peeled right here.

Behind the sounds of ROY'S WORLD.

Over the weekend I had the immense pleasure of working with a brilliant ensemble of musicians to lay down the score for Roy’s World. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to collaborate in this way: working with a composer and a band to shape the tone and mood of the music during the early stages of a project. 136 more words