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Huge respect to Mr Barry Ord Clarke – thefeatherbender – a masterful professional who has more than accomplished the mission statement of his blog:

“THEFEATHERBENDER The aim of this blog is to connect fly-tyers all over the world, to share, techniques, patterns, information and knowledge.” 228 more words

Winged-Wet Wonders

two absolutely lovelies from Barry Ord Clarke for us to drool over.

click either pic to access Barry’s site.
(i’d get a towel first)

Fly Fishing

The Feather Bender: Excellent Tutorial (Stimulator)

A perfectly wonderful tutorial by Barry Ord Clarke on how to tie the Stimulator Dry Fly. Perfect Macro work too. Check out the Feather Bender site for excellent information. 7 more words


Creating a detached body mayfly

a super-sweet step-by-step by tutorial Barry Ord Clarke

we’ve already seen several variations of detached-bodied flies and here’s another simple to make version yielding adaptable, resistant and  gorgeous results. 342 more words

Fly Fishing

Dry Fly hackle preparation

by Barry Ord Clarke

from a recently started ongoing series of fly tying tips and tricks for the beginning fly tier, today’s tutorial is a vital skill for any tier and maybe one that a lot of ‘confirmed’ tiers might want to review. 156 more words

Fly Fishing

Fly Tying with a gun.

a great sticky tip from Barry Ord Clarke

although not an exclusive element to this material and not all flies require it to be effective, transparency can give very realistic impressions of air bubbles, reflections from the underwater environment, the natural transparency of some bugs or baitfish or in other words, of life. 54 more words

Fly Tying

the Elasticaddis !

from Barry Ord Clarke

ok, these are extremely well, ermmm,  funny looking flies… :lol: but !!!  hat’s off the mysterious inventor of this pattern and to Barry for showing us how to put it together.  53 more words

Fly Tying